Question from Cah57

How do I solve Level Ten of Nintendo Land Donkey Kong?

How do I solve the last turn in level 10 right before the princess? Also is there another board after level 10? Thanks


AureSkyclimber answered:

There are two ways to clear that next to last drop in stage ten. The first is to perform a very quick dive off the left side to land on the platform below, then whip back to the right to keep from falling off. From there it's a straight shot to the flag. The alternate method is to slowly dangle your way off the right edge of the upper platform so that your left wheel is on the upper platform, and the right wheel/head are dangling below. You should be able to then go off the left side in such a fashion that you stick the landing. Needless to say, both require split second timing and are decidedly tricky...

And yes, there is definitely at least one more board filled with multiple stages after you complete the 10th stage... Unfortunately, you can't just manually select board two. Instead, you'll have to completely redo the entire first board, then navigate your way to the secret door to board two while keeping as many lives available as possible. Lives are shared between boards... (Note: Board two is completely insane, both in difficulty and in coolness levels.) Also, while I cannot personally confirm this, I have read of people working on clearing board four...
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Rainmaker133 answered:

The above answer is correct, however you can "cheat" if need be. You can have a second person use the Wiimote to point at the screen and create kind of a bubble that slows everything down in an area. It makes tricky parts very simple.
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Nick_Knack93 answered:

I have completed all four boards, the first two are regular boards that u complete and move on, the third and fourth boards are harder versions of the past two levels, the best way to get past level 10 on board one is to get the right speed and just go back and forth, the more u do it, the faster u will get used to the way u tilt the controller and master that level.
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