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Exactly how many secret levels are in this game?

I was playing with my family earlier and while playing the Luigi's Mansion minigame i unlocked extra levels. Is there anything else like that in the rest of the game?

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kouunnaneko answered:

In addition to the extra levels mentioned by Vallu111 above, there are multiple extra levels for all of the other attractions that become available after you beat all of the preceding levels. The extra levels are generally much harder.
Also, in the case of some attractions (like Balloon Trip Breeze and Donkey Kong Crash Course), you cannot access the extra levels without playing through all of the regular levels first. However, attractions like Zelda and Metroid allow you to select which level to play when you want to.
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Vallu111 answered:

There are 5 levels in Luigi's Ghost House minigame, 2 in Animal Crossing Sweet Day and 3 in Mario Chase.
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