Question from vazurahan

Asked: 2 years ago

Which games have multiplayer?

Which of all the attractions have multiplayer?

Accepted Answer

From: Hejiru206 2 years ago

6 out of 12 are multiplayer. Six games are single player only:
-Donkey Kong's Crash Course
-Takamaru's Ninja Castle
-Yoshi's Fruit Cart
-Captain Falcon's Twister Race
-Balloon Trip Breeze
-Octopus Dance

3 of them are Team Attractions, which means you can play alone or with friends:
-The Legend of Zelda: Battle Quest
-Metroid Blast
-Pikmin Adventure

3 of them are Competitive Attractions, which means you compete with other players, and you can't play them single player:
-Mario Chase
-Animal Crossing: Sweet Day
-Luigi's Ghost Mansion

And the multiplayer is local only; no online multiplayer.

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