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Little Inferno
Complete Walkthrough Guide

Copyright 2013 Christopher Warriner - KingDarian(at)gmail.com

Table of Contents
W1.0 Walkthrough
W2.0 Mailbox
W3.0 Catalogs
    W3.1 Chimney Stuffer
    W3.2 Totally Recalled Toys
    W3.3 Snooty Foodie
    W3.4 1st Person Shopper
    W3.5 Miss Nancy's Guide to Stylish Living
    W3.6 Shop & Awe
    W3.7 Existance Now
W4.0 Combos

W1.0 Walkthrough
About the Walkthrough
The steps below guide you through the game, although it is fairly
straightforward and most events play out automatically. Enough details are
provided to guide you toward the goals of the game, without revealing anything
relating to the game's story.


Click on the letters to open them.
After reading them, you can burn them.
Drag the items at the bottom of the screen to the fireplace. Hold your pointer
to burn things.

After burning what you have, you will receive your first catalog.
From the catalog, you can purchase new items to burn. You will have a limited
selection at first, but the more things you buy and burn, the more options
will become available to you. Experiment with each item to see how it burns.
Each item you order has an associated delivery time. You can decrease this
time by using Tomorrow Stamps.

Burning items will release Tomorrow Bucks and Tomorrow Stamps into the
fireplace. Click on them to collect them.

Tomorrow Bucks max out at 999. You will receive more Tomorrow Bucks from
burning an object than you will spend on purchasing it, so don't worry about
running out.

Tomorrow Stamps max out at 99. Don't be afraid to use them to get objects to
deliver more quickly to your home.

You can squash the bugs that crawl around the fireplace, to collect Tomorrow
Bucks and Tomorrow Stamps.

After receiving a few letters, you'll get one asking for a Jar of Fireflies.
Attach it to the letter to receive a Paper Heart.


When you have every item from the Chimney Stuffer catalog available to you,
you will have the option of buying a second catalog. To collect it, you must
first purchase each item in Chimney Stuffer at least once, find three combos,
and then purchase the catalog for 75 Tomorrow Bucks.

To create a combo, you must ignite two or three specific items at the same
time. You will receive a hint about one such combo through a letter from
Sugar Plumps. The others are listed in the combo list, accessible by clicking
on the tab with a star in the top right of the screen. The names will give you
clues about the required items. A complete list of combos can be found below.

Eventually, another letter will arrive, asking for a Broken Magnet. In return,
you'll receive a Thermometer.


When you have every item from the Totally Recalled Toys catalog available to
you, you will have the option of buying a third catalog. To collect it, you
must first purchase each item in Totally Recalled Toys at least once, find
eight combos, and then purchase the catalog for 100 Tomorrow Bucks.

You'll receive a letter with an attached Coupon for One Free Hug. Do not burn
this item. Keep it in your inventory.

You'll receive a letter requesting a Toy Exterminator. In return, you'll
receive a Bug Friend.


When you have every item from the Snooty Foodie catalog available to you, you
will have the option of buying a fourth catalog. To collect it, you must first
purchase each item in Snooty Foodie at least once, find fifteen combos, and
then purchase the catalog for 150 Tomorrow Bucks.

After a while, you will receive a letter with an attached Delete Button.


When you have every item from the 1st Person Shopper catalog available to you,
you will have the option of buying a fifth catalog. To collect it, you must
first purchase each item in 1st Person Shopper at least once, find twenty
-three combos, and then purchase the catalog for 225 Tomorrow Bucks.


When you have every item from the Miss Nancy's Guide to Stylish Living catalog
available to you, you will have the option of buying a sixth catalog. To
collect it, you must first purchase each item in Miss Nancy's Guide to Stylish
Living at least once, find thirty-three combos, and then purchase the catalog
for 340 Tomorrow Bucks.


When you have every item from the Shop & Awe catalog available to you, you
will have the option of buying a seventh catalog. To collect it, you must
first purchase each item in Shop & Awe at least once, find forty-five combos,
and then purchase the catalog for 525 Tomorrow Bucks.

A letter will arrive asking for sunglasses.

Eventutally, you will receive letters telling you to use four specific items

Burn the Jar of Fireflies, Broken Magnet, Toy Exterminator, and Fashionable
Sunglasses, together.


Head right.

Head right and read the letter.
Continue right.

Head right.

Head right and speak with the gate operator.

Speak with the receptionist.
Enter the elevator.

Head right.

Speak with the person near the window. If you saved the Coupon for One Free
Hug, you'll have the opportunity to use it here.
Head left.

Return down the elevator.


Head right.

Head right.

View the ending.


After the ending, you appear back in front of the Little Inferno.
You can continue to burn things as before.

If you manage to complete all 99 combos, you will receive another letter with
an attached Novelty Mousepad.
W2.0 Mailbox
This is the area at the bottom of the screen, where your items are held. You
can upgrade it to hold more items at once, by clicking the tab in the bottom

Upgrade                                                         Price
First Upgrade                                                      30
Second Upgrade                                                    100
Third Upgrade                                                     450

W3.0 Catalogs
Items listed include the price and delivery time.

W3.1 Chimney Stuffer
To Unlock: Burn the papers you begin the game with

Item                                                            Price     Time
Little Inferno Collector Poster                                     5      10s
Corn on the Cob                                                     5      10s
Letter Blocks                                                       5      10s
Alarm Clock                                                         5      10s
Someone Else's Credit Card                                          5      10s
Broken Magnet                                                       7      15s
Sleeping Idol                                                       7      15s
Battery Pack                                                        7      15s
Ordinary Brick                                                      7      15s
Antiki Torch                                                        7      15s
Wooden Bicycle                                                     10      20s
Toy Pirate                                                         10      20s
Someone Else's Family Portrait                                     10      20s
Instant Seed Packet                                                10      20s
Jar of Fireflies                                                   10      20s
My Pictures                                                        15      30s
Spider Egg                                                         15      30s
Celebration Bus                                                    25      50s
Blankity Bank                                                      25      50s
Television                                                         40   1m 20s

W3.2 Totally Recalled Toys
To Unlock: Find 3 Combos & Purchase every item in Chimney Stuffer.
           Purchase for 75 Tomorrow Bucks.
Item                                                            Price     Time
Raccoon Plushie                                                     7      12s
Space Heater                                                        7      12s
Squirrel Whistle                                                    7      12s
Fragile Bulbs                                                       7      12s
Eager Bunny Plushie                                                 7      12s
Best Friend Supplement Pills                                       10      20s
Feelings Bear Plushie                                              10      20s
Oil Barge                                                          10      20s
Building Blocks                                                    10      20s
Snake Surprise                                                     10      20s
Pyranosauraus Plushie                                              15      30s
Disgruntled Elf Plushie                                            15      30s
Wandering Eye                                                      15      30s
Cold Metal Heart                                                   15      30s
Valkyrie Doll                                                      15      30s
Uncle Sam's Blam Blams                                             23      45s
Toy Leperchaun                                                     23      45s
Mini Nuke                                                          35   1m 35s
Kitty Kitty Poo Poo Plushie                                        35   1m 00s
Mini Moon                                                          60   1m 40s

W3.3 Snooty Foodie
To Unlock: Find 8 Combos & Purchase every item in Totally Recalled Toys.
           Purchase for 100 Tomorrow Bucks.
Item                                                            Price     Time
Wooden Spoon                                                       10      15s
Marshmallows                                                       10      15s
Dry Ice Cubes                                                      10      15s
Sausage Links                                                      10      15s
Blowfish                                                           10      15s
Fragile China                                                      15      30s
Zesty Beetles                                                      15      30s
Tooth 'n' Corn Breakfast Flakes                                    15      30s
Discount Sushi                                                     15      30s
Future Fizz                                                        15      30s
Toy Exterminator                                                   20      40s
Coffee                                                             20      40s
Midlife Crisis Mitigator                                           20      40s
Egg Pack                                                           20      40s
Mystery Seasoning                                                  20      40s
Locust Eggs                                                        30   1m 00s
Magic Mushrooms                                                    30   1m 00s
Toaster                                                            50   1m 20s
Super Juicer 4000                                                  50   1m 20s
Smoke Detector                                                     80   2m 15s

W3.4 1st Person Shopper
To Unlock: Find 15 Combos & Purchase every item in Snooty Foodie.
           Purchase for 150 Tomorrow Bucks.
Item                                                            Price     Time
Tetronimos                                                         15      20s
Imitation Meatboy                                                  15      20s
Giant Spider                                                       15      20s
Cell Phone                                                         15      20s
The Boss Plushie                                                   15      20s
Toy Zombie                                                         22      40s
Handheld Fireplace                                                 22      40s
Pixel Pack                                                         22      40s
Phoenix Egg                                                        22      40s
Gentleman Adventurer Doll                                          22      40s
Cardboard Sword                                                    30   1m 00s
Goo Ball Pack                                                      30   1m 00s
Casual Game                                                        30   1m 00s
Gaming Tablet                                                      30   1m 00s
Miss Hexopus                                                       30   1m 00s
Clampy Bot                                                         45   1m 30s
Beta Version                                                       45   1m 30s
Toy Ninja                                                          75   2m 00s
Tiny Galaxies                                                      75   2m 00s
Gravity Boy Action Toy                                            120   3m 00s

W3.5 Miss Nancy's Guide to Stylish Living
To Unlock: Find 23 Combos & Purchase every item in 1st Person Shopper.
           Purchase for 225 Tomorrow Bucks.
Item                                                            Price     Time
Howling Coyote                                                     23      25s
Old Lady Doll                                                      23      25s
The Terrible Secret                                                23      25s
Modern Lamp                                                        23      25s
Russian Nesting Doll                                               23      25s
Oil Painting                                                       35      50s
Word Pack                                                          35      50s
Balloons                                                           35      50s
Triangle Idol                                                      35      50s
Fire Extinguisher                                                  35      50s
Scarecrow                                                          45   1m 15s
Potpourri Bomb                                                     45   1m 15s
Powder Barrel                                                      45   1m 15s
Cocoon                                                             45   1m 15s
Dish Detergent                                                     45   1m 15s
Cello                                                              70   2m 00s
Snow Globe                                                         70   2m 00s
Medicated Mommy Pills                                             110   2m 30s
Freezing Rain Cloud                                               110   2m 30s
Spontaneous Combustion Doll                                       180   3m 45s

W3.6 Shop & Awe
To Unlock: Find 33 Combos & Purchase every item in Miss Nancy's Guide to
           Stylish Living.
           Purchase for 340 Tomorrow Bucks.
Item                                                            Price     Time
Mighty Mustache                                                    35      30s
Old Bear Trap                                                      35      30s
Dynamite Daisy                                                     35      30s
Sporting Ball                                                      35      30s
Glass Cards                                                        35      30s
Drill Chain Thrower                                                50   1m 00s
Manly Trophy                                                       50   1m 00s
Lumberjack Hand                                                    50   1m 00s
Manly Odor Spray                                                   50   1m 00s
Game Bush                                                          50   1m 00s
Manly Razor                                                        70   1m 30s
Unstable Ordinance                                                 70   1m 30s
Low Self-Esteem Action Doll                                        70   1m 30s
Puff Pack                                                          70   1m 30s
Legal Briefcase                                                    70   1m 30s
Freeze Bomb                                                       110   2m 00s
Protein Powder                                                    110   2m 00s
Sonic Boombox                                                     175   3m 00s
Mustache Rider                                                    175   3m 00s
Book of Darkness                                                  275   4m 00s

W3.7 Existance Now
To Unlock: Find 45 Combos & Purchase every item in Shop & Awe.
           Purchase for 525 Tomorrow Bucks.
Item                                                            Price     Time
Email                                                              55      30s
Laser Pointer                                                      55      30s
Music Tones                                                        55      30s
Flaming Globe                                                      55      30s
Toy Rocketship                                                     55      30s
Fashionable Sunglasses                                             80   1m 00s
Computer Worm                                                      80   1m 00s
Old Timey Radio                                                    80   1m 00s
Rotund Idol                                                        80   1m 00s
Mini Pluto                                                         80   1m 00s
Transhuminist Action Figure                                       110   1m 40s
Railroad Xing                                                     110   1m 40s
Mom & Dad Bots                                                    110   1m 40s
South Pole                                                        110   1m 40s
Decoy Lady Bug                                                    110   1m 40s
Clone Factory                                                     165   2m 30s
Creation Science                                                  165   2m 30s
Internet Cloud                                                    220   3m 20s
This Way Down                                                     220   3m 20s
Miniature Sun                                                     600   5m 00s

W4.0 Combos
No Name                 Ingredients
01 Bike Pirate          Wooden Bicycle
                        Toy Pirate
02 Someone Else's       Someone Else's Credit Card
                        Someone Else's Family Portrait
03 Springtime           Instant Seed Packet
                        Alarm Clock
04 Generations          Spider Egg
                        Someone Else's Family Portrait

05 Lenders              Someone Else's Credit Card
                        Blankity Bank

06 Movie Night          Corn on the Cob

07 Seafarers            Toy Pirate
                        Oil Barge

08 Building Bricks      Building Blocks
                        Ordinary Brick

09 Fire Breather        Antiki Torch
                        Pyranosauraus Plushie

10 Dino-Mite            Pyranosauraus Plushie
                        Disgruntled Elf Plushie
11 Watching You         Television
                        Wandering Eye

12 Magnetic Heart       Broken Magnet
                        Cold Metal Heart

13 Double Fan           Space Heater
                        Cold Metal Heart

14 Terrible Teeth       Eager Bunny Plushie
                        Toy Leperchaun

15 Time Bomb            Alarm Clock
                        Mini Nuke

16 LOL Kitty            Wandering Eye
                        Kitty Kitty Poo Poo

17 Catfish              Kitty Kitty Poo Poo

18 Bear in a Chinashop  Feelings Bear Plushie
                        Fragile China

19 Dinnerware           Wooden Spoon
                        Fragile China

20 Cornflakes           Corn on the Cob
                        Tooth 'n' Corn Breakfast Flakes

21 Deadly Fish          Blowfish
                        Discount Sushi

22 Wake Up!             Alarm Clock

23 Iced Coffee          Dry Ice Cubes

24 Easter Bunny         Egg Pack
                        Eager Bunny Plushie

25 Liquid Diet          Future Fizz
                        Midlife Crisis Mitigator

26 Egg Sac              Spider Egg
                        Locust Eggs

27 Freaked Out Food     Marshmallows

28 Wooden Block         Letter Blocks
                        Building Blocks

29 Arachnid             Spider Egg
                        Giant Spider

30 Zombie Garden        Instant Seed Packet
                        Toy Zombie

31 Eggcellent           Egg Pack
                        Phoenix Egg

32 Puzzling Adventure   Tetronimos
                        Gentleman Adventurer Doll

33 World of Goo         Goo Ball Pack
                        Casual Game

34 Airplane Mode        Cell Phone
                        Handheld Fireplace
                        Gaming Tablet

35 Underwater           Blowfish
                        Miss Hexopus

36 Meta                 Handheld Fireplace
                        Beta Version

37 Pixel Pixelated      Pixel Pack
                        Beta Version

38 Japanese             Discount Sushi
                        Toy Ninja

39 Brains Ahoy HIYA!    Toy Zombie
                        Toy Pirate
                        Toy Ninja

40 Rosy                 Valkyrie Doll
                        Gravity Boy Action Toy

41 Howl at the Moon     Howling Coyote
                        Mini Moon

42 Cat Lady             Kitty Kitty Poo Poo
                        Old Lady Doll

43 Elderly Couple       Gentleman Adventurer Doll
                        Old Lady Doll

44 Terrible Mystery     The Terrible Secret
                        Mystery Seasoning

45 Change the Bulb      Fragile Bulbs
                        Modern Lamp

46 Cold War             Uncle Sam's Blam Blams
                        Russian Nesting Doll

47 Framed               Little Inferno Collector Poster
                        Someone Else's Family Portrait
                        Oil Painting

48 Writer's Block       Letter Blocks
                        Word Pack

49 Stop Drop & Roll     Smoke Detector
                        Fire Extinguisher

50 Colorful Flame       Zesty Beetles
                        Beta Version
                        Powder Barrel

51 Pollinating          Instant Seed Packet

52 Cat Bath             Kitty Kitty Poo Poo Plushie
                        Dish Detergent

53 Clean Plate          Dish Detergent
                        Fragile China

54 Orchestral           Valkyrie Doll

55 Moonlight Melody     Mini Moon

56 Medicated Midlife    Midlife Crisis Mitigator
                        Medicated Mommy Pills

57 Pill Popper          Best Friend Supplement Pills
                        Medicated Mommy Pills

58 Bearskin Rug         Feelings Bear Plushie
                        Old Bear Trap

59 Fireworks            Uncle Sam's Blam Blams
                        Dynamite Daisy

60 Spinning Blades      Super Juicer 4000
                        Drill Chain Thrower

61 TIMBER!              Drill Chain Thrower
                        Lumberjack Hand
                        Manly Odor Spray

62 Poker Hand           Glass Cards
                        Lumberjack Hand

63 Duck Season          Gaming Tablet
                        Game Bush

64 Huntin'              Old Bear Trap
                        Game Bush

65 Nuclear Shave        Mini Nuke
                        Manly Razor

66 Manly                Manly Razor
                        Manly Trophy
                        Manly Odor Spray

67 Brick 'n Mortar      Ordinary Brick
                        Unstable Ordinance

68 Texting Gurl         Cell Phone
                        Low Self-Esteem Action Doll

69 Sorority Party       Low Self-Esteem Action Doll

70 Chain Puffer         Drill Chain Thrower
                        Puff Pack

71 Deadly Vices         Midlife Crisis Mitigator
                        Glass Cards
                        Puff Pack

72 Legal Charges        Legal Briefcase
                        Someone Else's Credit Card

73 Injection            Snake Surprise
                        Protein Powder

74 Bodybuilder          Manly Trophy
                        Protein Powder

75 Deafening            Valkyrie Doll
                        Sonic Boombox

76 Road Rage            Wooden Bicycle
                        Celebration Bus
                        Mustache Rider

77 Diseased             Toy Leperchaun
                        Mystery Seasoning
                        Book of Darkness

78 Chain Email          Drill Chain Thrower

79 Wooden Applause      Lumberjack Hand
                        Laser Pointer

80 World Adventurer     Flaming Globe
                        Gentleman Adventurer Doll

81 Learning is Fun!     Celebration Bus
                        Toy Rocketship

82 Glasses & Staches    Fashionable Sunglasses
                        Mighty Mustache

83 Before the Internet  Television
                        Old Timey Radio

84 Sleeping Idol        Sleeping Idol
                        Triangle Idol
                        Rotund Idol

85 Ice Planet           Dry Ice Cubes
                        Mini Pluto

86 Heart and Soul       Cold Metal Heart
                        Transhuminist Action Figure

87 Yellow Brick Road    Kitty Kitty Poo Poo Plushie
                        Transhuminist Action Figure

88 Planes & Trains      Unstable Ordinance
                        Railroad Xing

89 Robotic Future       Clampy Bot
                        Mom & Dad Bots

90 Polar Bear           Feelings Bear Plushie
                        South Pole

91 Cardboard            Imitation Meatboy
                        Cardboard Sword
                        Decoy Lady Bug

92 Sausage Factory      Sausage Links
                        Clone Factory

93 Book Club            The Terrible Secret
                        Book of Darkness
                        Creation Science

94 Spam Cloud           Email
                        Internet Cloud

95 Online Piracy        Internet Cloud
                        Toy Pirate

96 It's a Sign          Railroad Xing
                        This Way Down

97 Sun Flower           Miniature Sun
                        Instant Seed Packet

98 Mini Milkyway        Mini Moon
                        Mini Pluto
                        Miniature Sun

99 Future's So Bright   Miniature Sun
                        Fashionable Sunglasses

ERRRROR ERR@R ER*#^%R   Jar of Fireflies
                        Broken Magnet
                        Toy Exterminator
                        Fashionable Sunglasses