Question from Serge884

How do you get gourmet Vouchers?

I've gotten one gourmet voucher and about 50 vouchers so I don't see how it can be random (as I've been told)


Estrane answered:

It very much is completely random actually. There, so far, is no known way to increase your chances of getting a voucher or a gourmet voucher. The only thing to do is keep getting food and hope you get a gourmet voucher.
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GamesterJ answered:

If I remember while playing the game I eat meals before any quest and I think every 4th or 5th meal you get a voucher from either the Moga Village cook or the Port Tanzia cafe Don't quote me on that because it could be at random. but I do think it is locked to every fourth or fifth meal you eat before a quest.
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Xiloscent answered:

i think i noticed the same thing gamemasterJ said, i'll put up a new answer if i can confirm it sometime soon. but im still leaning on its mostly random.
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