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Asked: 1 year ago

Wii U Guide?

As it says in the title I was wondering if there's a guide for the wii u version, or which GC would be best to follow?

Thanks in advance

Additional details - 11 months ago

Thanks mate, I'm aware of the guides by prima, but I don't really like them because those are not always 100% accurate. Sometimes they have "things" that didn't make it in the final version, etc.

and for the record I was talking about a guide in this site, I don't know if someone is currently working on it. or what GC guide should I follow?

Additional details - 11 months ago

I've been following a guide by the user "Myke" and so far it seems very good.

here's the link:

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there is a guide by Prima. Standard, and collectable. Collectable comes in hardback and includes a cloth map of the Great Sea.

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