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"The worst Sonic game since 06, by trying to be to much like Mario Sonic is loosing his own idenity and comes off as a broken mess of a game"

Sonic the Hedgehog, what the hell happened to you? Sigh, it's been a bumpy ride for the blue hedgehog. Ever since Sega became multi platform Sonic has had a hard time finding his ideal way.
The Mario games have found there groove, and while I think they are a little to lazy it seems its good enough for Nintendo. In fact how Mario has been doing has been so well that Sega seems to want to make Sonic be more like Mario. Maybe this is because Sega made a deal that the next few Sonic games would be solely on Nintendo systems, hence why Sonic Lost world is only for the 3DS and the Wii U.

Ever since Sonic hero's Sonic has been on as many game systems as possible. I thought that since they were only working on one system this time that means we would have seen a improvement in quality, that was clearly not the case.

Sonic Last World is a desperate attempt by Sega to recapture the feel, and praise, Sonic had in the 16 bit days.

Ever since Sonic 06 Sega has been trying again and again to prove they can make a “Pure" sonic game. 06's worst flaw to me was that it was rushed. If they just gave it a year or so to work on it better it would not be the bane of Sonic to many, but after that game the Sonic games became purely about Sonic with most of the other characters just making a small cameo, if anything.

From Sonic Unleashed on the games were focused on the boost aspect, AKA sonic blazing through levels in insane speed, moving so fast that it was mostly a action ride since the enemies and platforming seemed like a afterthought.

Sonic Colors gave us the Wisps, random alien things that I personally loathed. They were the main focal point of Colors, and to me was just a excuse to give Sonic random skills so that none of the others like Tails and Knuckles had to be added in to spice things up.

Around this time we also got Sonic 4 part one, followed by generations and episode 4 2. These were Sega's attempts to be even more " Old School", to the point of pointing out that retro Sonic was not the same as the modern" Tainted" Sonic.

Episode 4 part one felt a little to like copy and paste but Sonic Generations and episode 4 2 were both fun, and they made me feel that Sega was getting back on track. Sadly, I was proven dead wrong with this, thing.

Now we got this game, and it's a bizarre fusion of trying to be to retro and new at the same time, and comes off horrible. All right enough of the buildup time to explain just why it sucks.

Lost World's premise is that Sonic is chasing Doctor Robotnik , who like in the old days is back to stuffing animals in his machines, because he can. The Egg jerk shoots the cage down and Sonic and Tails land on the Lost World, which is just like Angel Island or Little Planet but, hallow for some reason. The mad doctor has six new bad guys, the Sinister, um, I mean the Deadly Six who are just natives that are jerks apparently.

Ironically while at its core its like a retread of Sonic 3 and Knuckles, that game's basic story was better told then this in many ways.

Bottom line, Sonic acts stupid, and Robotnik and Sonic team up , though this really amounts to nothing but bad jokes and a few lame plot twists. There is really not much to spoil, the story is a afterthought, the writers seem to have been conformed to have only looked about Sonic and co's history from Wika , it shows to because the story is just a hack job.

Ever since Colors some have said that Sonic and Tails act more “realistic" but to me they just come off as if Bart Simpson is now Sonic and Lisa is Tails. Sonic was always arrogant and fun loving, no doubt about it. But he was never stupid , since colors he has come off as a brat who does not think and it's a true disgrace to someone who has been a fan of Sonic since the start.

I also don't like the voice Sonic got from colors, his actor is good but I don't need Sonic and Chris from Resident Evil, and now even Batman having the same voice. In this game he comes across as far too whiny and bratty, and his death cries are just cringe worthy. That is a minor thing but it's just one of many that makes me thing that that they were working to openly mock there project.

It's like someone who only heard what Sonic is like started taking over the writing, that more or less is how it is here.

Tails has been a lot brattier, some say its growth that he talks back to Sonic but talking back is one thing, coming off as having to be insulting with nearly every breath is just a pain. The fact that Tails lost all of his ability to fight himself, it feels like everything since Adventure has just been thrown out the window to make Tails this way and it's once more a pain.

the " Eggman" himself is ok, some say the game is darker just because there are a lot of words thrown out like kill and die but, this is really not a dark game, it just pretends to be dark and edgy as if people forgot about most of the previous 3D games.

As for the new bad guys themselves, the not so Deadly Six are the worst official new additions to the Sonic games that I can say, even Black Doom and Chip seem like winners compared to theses wastes of space. They have no real origins, all have one note personality and REALLY feel like they were supposed to be in a Mario game.

Because of how the boss fights are in this game, they come off as completely pathetic. All the efforts this game makes the Lame six look cool just made me face palm, maybe others are impressive by them but, I really hate them.

All right, story out of the way, now on to the gameplay.

At first glance it seems like it's your usual Sonic gameplay, the first level does well to make you think it's going to be great. But, then the rest of the game happens.

Once more, this game is clearly trying to merge Sonic and Mario elements and fails horribly. No matter how many old school Sonic enemies from the 16 bit games they add it does not change the fact that it really is a incoherent mess.

The new system that makes Sonic have Mario Galaxy style levels just, does not work for Sonic. He has to move slowly a lot of the game, to the point where you now have to hold down a button before Sonic runs, and even then he still moves slowly.

I was not too happy about how the Boost style games were too fast, but this is the precise other end of the spectrum, it's hardly like the old games, it really breaks the core essence of a Sonic game.

There are 2D and 3D levels, and while the 2D levels sometimes has things from the old games it's just a mask to hide the fact that even the 2D levels feel more like Mario games. A few levels in the end feel like they were concepts for castles in Mario games, that is not good.

Sonic's attacks have been changed to. The Homing Attack is still around but its a lot more chunky, making it not as reliable, which is bad. The spin dash is back but, it does not work a lot of the time making it only useful in a few instances.

The worst part is how enemies can be immune to some attacks' and you can only find out what works after dying. That's, frustrating, because to me it comes off as sloppy.

The " Big" new feature is that Sonic can run up walls for some reason. With his speed it's a logical enough new feature and it's mostly to give Sonic a Wall jump like feature. He can also run across entire surfaces but it's not clear when you can do it, and it's not even needed most of the time making it, another random thing that does little to the overall product.

The Whisps are back, no reason plot wise expect for the clear aim of giving Sonic random powers so they can just make a solo Sonic game. However they really are random, the Drill one is the only one that is really truly vital to progression most of the others could have been dropped and nothing would have been changed. Some like the note power up and the Bomb were completely pointless. I hate the whisps,

Further more for some reason most of the Whisps require that you use the Pad to control them, the whole reason you could not use the Pro Controller in this game is because Nintendo insisted to make use of the Pad, and it once more just bogs down the game for a pointless requirement.
I would really prefer even having to play as Big the cat over having another Whisp styled Sonic game.

It's simple enough of a main concept, get through a level, go to another level, beat a boss, rinse and repeat till the end.

There are red stars to hunt for, the thing since Sonic Unleashed that's been around just to drag out the gameplay. In this game you have to get them all to get the Chaos Emeralds , I would have vastly preferred the classic style of finding bonus zones to get the Emeralds, I am not motivated enough to go back to the levels to collect them. Even if you can get Super Sonic when you get all the Red Rings, to me it's not worth it since most of the levels are levels I don't ever want to go back to.

Speaking of that, the overall world design is just generic and just a broken mess.

You got the grass world, the dessert world, the tropical world, the snow world, the Jungle world, the Sky world and the lava world.

It just hits home how much of a Mario game this feels like when the Lava zone is the final level and there is no tech themed level, I really wished we could have got a 3D Death egg type zone but, not in this game.

The levels are random because they just shove random stuff in to the levels for no reason but because some programmers thought it was a good idea. Like, one level, Sonic turns to a snowball for some reason and you just spend the entire level as a snowball. Its not to hard but its just random and not really that fun.

Another level you suddenly have to watch out from being detected by Owls or you will instantly die for no reason. Being sneaky hardly seems very Sonic like at all so, so much for being more like the 16 bit games.

The utter lack of coercion shows just how desperate and lazy Sega was with this game, they really just threw a bunch of stuff together without thinking much about it.

Like, they made it so that you had to gather rescued animals form levels before you could progress. It's nothing more than a worthless addition because there are bonus states where you do circus stuns on the pad to gather them up. Since those levels come back every time you turn on the game it makes this animal gathering requirement a breeze, I don't even get why they bothered.

Another thing about the game is that its easier, and harder at the same time. The boss fights are a breeze, even the final boss was no problem after just getting use to its attacks.

However there are a lot of vexing game play elements, they don't explain a lot of moves or things. Ironically for so many Sonic games they explained every single thing but in this game you had one chance to touch the pad to learn how to do something, otherwise your left in the dark. Also they took out getting extra lives by collecting 100 rings, making having more than two rings futile unless you have Super Sonic.

The game is just overall harsher, you die just for screwing up like in the Casino level you die just for losing in the pinball game, making the feature a lot more of a pain then it was in the old days. Also a lot of elements are made harder because Sonic does not control so well, his jump is stiff, he often does not go as far as he use to in previous games, leading to a lot of sudden deaths.

In the many rail girding stages Sonic can no longer break, nor does he have the ability to swiftly switch tracks, causing a lot more deaths in that area as well.

Lastly, they brought back the nonstop running parts from Sonic 06. With how much those segments were hated back then, someone must not have been thinking to bring them back for Lost World. It's just as bad in this game, you hit a wall or anything and you die and its usually a pain to get him to move right.

Over all the game play is just random, unpolished, and not very Sonic like for most of the game, which comes off as an overall mess.

Lastly is the music, and there is little good to say. In yet another effort to be more like Mario this game as a complete Orchestrated Soundtrack, leading to nearly a completely forgettable song track. Since Sonic has had so much good music over the years its yet another sour note that they were so lazy with the music this time. The only songs I even still remember are the level select theme, the boss theme and the final boss theme. The first two were only because they repeat themselves so much and the final boss is at least, decently catchy albeit not even close to previous final boss songs like the classic Doomsday zone music.

And so to round it up, if it's not clear by now I am utterly disgusted with Sonic the Lost World. The game feels like its mocking Sonic fans at times. Like, Knuckles is in the opening story segment but his only part in the story is to moan how it would have been easier if he was with you guys, making me wish he was indeed in the game, and making feel like Sega is trolling Sonic fans.

Every aspect of this game feels like it's a broken mess, like Sega just has no idea what to do with Sonic and that there only hope is to become as much like Mario as possible. That's a horrible idea, Mario fans will just play Mario, in fact with the new Mario game coming out soon this game is likely to be forgotten. That's how it should be though, this game is a disgrace.

Sega, if you want to make Sonic great again make a game like Adventure and just don't slack off on it. Making a game that just jumps from one thing to the next with lame enemies and a face palm level of a story is just pushing Sonic more and more in to the level of Crash Bandicoot and other video game hero's that have fallen in to the shadows. Sonic is heading in to major trouble if Sonic Team thinks this is there best work. Some diehard Sonic fans may think that all the professional reviewers are just not giving Sonic a shot, however in this case this game deserves all the hate it gets.

I have been a fan of Sonic since his first game, and that's why Sega should feel bad about this game. It's a broken mess of a game that everyone that worked on it should feel bad about. Try the demo if you want, have a different view if you like, but my view is that this game will be another blight on Sonic's history

Reviewer's Score: 4/10 | Originally Posted: 11/20/13

Game Release: Sonic: Lost World (US, 10/29/13)

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