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"What Sonic should be. Just needs some polish."

This is a review against all those people who think this game sucks. This is what I think the game really is good and bad at. I will say this now: I would recommend this game to any Sonic fan or casual.

Let's start with the small things. The graphics look amazing. The colors really pop and the simplistic and vibrant look of the game fits the kind of world Sonic lives in. The game is also locked at 60 fps, making an incredibly smooth experience.

Into the story. The game begins with Sonic and Tails on the Tornado chasing Eggman in his pod, who is carrying the classic animal capsule. Eggman drops the capsule and shoots down the Tornado, causing Sonic and Tails to crash land on a world the Tails recognizes as the Lost Hex. Later on, we find out that Eggman is in control of the "Deadly Six," a group of stereotypical zeti who have control over electronics. Eggman is using the zeti to gather animals to power his robot army. Later on, Sonic knocks the shell that Eggman was using to control the Deadly Six into oblivion, prompting the zeti to control his mechs and turn against him. Sonic, Tails and Eggman team up in order to stop the Deadly Six from using Eggman's invention to destroy the world. The invention was designed to borrow life energy from the world, and the zeti are using the gathered energy to increase their strength. Later on, Tails is captured by the Deadly Six (accidentally) who intend to turn him into a robot slave. As Sonic and Eggman approach the base, two of the zeti, Zazz and Zomom, take out the bridge, causing Eggman to fall towards the lava alone, leaving Sonic by himself. Three of the zeti, Zeena, Zor and the leader Zavok, confront Sonic with a roboticized Tails by their side. However, Tails was tricking the zeti the entire time, and starts to fire on them, causing them to retreat. Sonic takes the three out and they head towards the machine. Tails discovers that the machine is already turned off, and Eggman shows up is a mega-mech, where Sonic defeats him and returns the energy back to the world.

The story as a whole is simple and enjoyable, with only a few plotholes, such as, "Where did the Deadly Six come from?" and "Why do Knuckles and Amy live on the Lost Hex?" The characterization is the high point for me. The Deadly Six and the heroes spout some pretty humorous lines and the zeti are very likable characters. A lot of the jokes made me crack a smile, and the writing is pretty top notch.

Now, into the gameplay. Sonic basically has three speeds; walking, running when holding down ZR, and spin dashing with ZL. Sonic, admittedly, is relatively slow in this game. However, the speed was removed for precision control. I've found that the control has allowed me the stop when I needed to and make any jump that I wanted to. The controls are incredibly tight. The momentum that you have in midair depends on the momentum you gathered on the ground like it should be. The spin dash has seen a significant boost. Pressing and holding ZL right after the spin dash begins causes Sonic to go much farther. If you jump once and land while still holding ZL, Sonic will continue his spin dash as soon as he lands on the ground, making up for Sonic's lack of super speed and allowing speed on certain terrain, like quicksand. The spin dash is fast enough to be considered "fast" in Sonic terms.

When Sonic jumps, you have some options. Pressing A or B will make Sonic do a double jump, which can allow you extra height and gives you more control over platforming. When Sonic is locked onto an enemy or group of enemies, he can perform a homing to take them out easily (pressing B will still do a double jump, so if you don't want to homing attack, you don't have to). If you keep facing certain enemies and bosses, the homing attack will start increasing it's power, so when you release it, that enemy or boss will take more damage. Pressing X or Y will cause Sonic to use the stomp/bounce bracelet to take out structures or enemies beneath him. If Sonic is locked onto an enemy, pressing X or Y will cause Sonic to kick the enemy, which will make some enemies weaker or killing them outright. Defeating an enemy with a kick will also launch that enemy into other enemies.

And how can I forget the parkour system. While holding down the run button, Sonic will perform certain parkour actions: grabbing ledges, wall climbing and wall running. In 3D sections, you can sidestep while wall climbing, which accesses easy wall running around a corner. The parkour system, while finicky at times, never led me to unfair deaths. And because all you have to do is let go of the run button to keep from doing it, the arguments about "Sonic getting stuck on walls" are invalid. The parkour system and upgraded spin dash makes speed runs incredibly enjoyable.

The level design has seen a boost in quality.Some levels have loads of secrets and multiple paths you can take. Some are more gimmick based where you are grinding, in a snowball, not-so-stealth level, etc. This variety adds to the replay-ability and fun when playing levels multiple times.

The music is on the level of Unleashed for me. It has fantastic variety, but it isn't the most memorable soundtrack ever. It gets the job done.

You can unlock co-op drones by completing missions that Omochao gives you or getting extra animals. These drones work very similarly to Super Mario Galaxy's co-op mode. Each drone helps Sonic in a different way. The multiplayer is on the level of heroes to me. Pretty fun, but still not like Sonic Adventure 2.

Time for some minor negatives. The wisps, with the exception of Drill and Rocket are pretty useless and not all that great. The red rings are only used for circus tents, where you can score animals to unlock stages, and Super Sonic, who, while very fun to use, these aren't enough unlockables to satisfy many people. Some levels can be not very fun at all (Sky Road 4 and Lava Mountain 2 pop into my head.) The biggest problem is teaching the player. The game does a terrible job of explaining the game's mechanics, and that can lead to many trips to the internet to figure out what you are supposed to be doing. The boss fights are also very easy.

The people who hate this game are steering you wrong. The snowball level was fine, the stealth section was not very stealthy or hard at all, and Sonic can move at a decent speed. The red rings were not that hard at all if you plan out how you will get them. I will tell you this now: you need to play the game for yourslf to make your opinion. The demo is good enough to form one. Play it and make your own opinion. Me? I love this game. Sonic was always a platformer, and I think this game nailed it. It needs more polish, but this is a step in the right direction to me.

Reviewer's Score: 8/10 | Originally Posted: 12/03/13

Game Release: Sonic: Lost World (US, 10/29/13)

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