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"Purrhaps the best Mario game ever made."

Super Mario 3D World is purrhaps the best Mario game ever made - everything about the game feels pawsitively perfect, with a bottomless bag of tricks that manages to a-mew-se me every single time. There's an endless amount of creative ideas and I've never seen so many of these ideas in a Mario game. And it's not like Sonic Lost World where the game feels like an experiment - everything in 3D World is refined and not fur-strating at all. So if you're deciding between buying this or not, stop reading - go buy it now because it's a wonder-fur-l game.

Super Mario 3D World is Nintendo's first 3D HD Mario game. Everything about it looks paw-some, from the water effects to the character model is this game is furtastic! The game might run at 720p but it manages to keep a buttery smooth 60 fps framerate. From the grassy hills of Really Rolling Hills to the reaches of outer space in Super Galaxy, the game is downright gorgeous and feline fine. If Nintendo can make a Wii U game this good looking so early in the Wii U's life, there's no saying how good games will look nearing the end of its life cycle.

The soundtrack is also fantastic. The tunes are all performed by a full orchestra - a drastic departure from the digital and robotic tunes of the New Super Mario Bros. series. When playing the game, take a meow-ment to listen to the tunes - this is a fantastic soundtrack that should stand as one of gaming's best. It will forever be one of my favorite video game soundtracks of all time.

The game's story involves a Princess being kidnapped. Look at that - a princess, not the Princess! Mario and his friends are on a stroll one night and suddenly they come across a Clear Pipe tilted at an angle. Of course as plumbers, the brothers fix it. Just shortly after that a whole bunch of powerups and items burst out of the pipe and out comes a Green pixie-like creature. Turns out she's one of the Sprixie Princesses and she's come to tell that the others are being kidnapped by none other than his-sss dreadfullness - Bowser! Just then, he pops out of the pipe, looks at the gang but ignores them and takes the Sprixie Princess with him! Peach gives chase and goes into the pipe along with Mario and friends soon after. It's not much of a story and not nearly as good-looking as Mario Galaxy's intro, but at least it's better than a picture in 3D Land!

The game takes place in a kingdom aptly named as the Sprixie Kingdom. There might be worlds in the game and they appear to be themed, but make no mistake - they're not. The levels go from a snow level to an autumn level the next and a sky level to a dessert one the next (Yes, dessert). But the world map system marks a massive change for Nintendo here - the world map is in full 3D and you can roam around it just like you would in an overworld in past 3D games. There are coins and secrets to be found here and there and lends the game a nice touch of replayability and extending the play time.

The level design is even better than the usual affair, which is saying a lot because the level design is usually so fantastic. This is the cat's meow! The secrets are well-hidden but not random and make great use of the Wii U GamePad, with some using the touch screen to extend platforms or blowing platforms to move them around. The developers in EAD Tokyo have not disappointed - this is one of the best game level designs ever.

The game also has a ton of new powerups - all of which are meow-tastic! The star is of course the new Cat form (which explains all the cat puns in this review). It's my favorite video game powerup ever - it allows you to claw up walls, scratch up enemies to death and attack them from above - which could be game-breaking in a poorly designed game - but the designers have done a wonder-fur-l job - there's a certain balance that prevents it from letting you pounce through levels in 30 seconds without effort.

The multiplayer is also a furtastic addition. For the fur-st time ever in a 3D Mario game, up to 3 friends can join you in this epic adventure and unlike the NSMB games where everything feels cramped, in this game you have a lot of space to share and as a result, is much less of a pain. In 4-player, the camera can feel a little bit cramped, but that's not really Nintendo's fault. The point here is that the game feels wonder-fur-l in both multiplayer and single-player. Nintendo has also cranked up competitiveness because it tracks the points each player gathers as they play. The winner gets a crown and while it's useless, it essentially makes the leader a walking bulls-eye because it's a full 5000 points worth when taken to the end. Multiplayer was extremely fun and this is the first real Mario adventure that was meant for multiplayer.

The Final Thought
All in all, Super Mario 3D World is a fur-tastic game - with an impressive array of powerups, the series' best level design, furtastic presentation and one furry amazing soundtrack, there's no doubt about it - Super Mario 3D World is the best Mario game ever made. That's a mighty big thing to say, because this is a series that has a standard all to its own because it's produced some of the best video games ever made - from fan-favorites like Super Mario World in 1991 and Super Mario 64 in 1996 to critical accalims and GOTY winners like Super Mario Galaxy in 2007. And yet, this game has it all and is definitely worth a purchase for every Wii U owner. If you're looking to make a jump to Nintendo's new console - this is one reason to own one and with all of the games already here along with backwards compatibility, Nintendo's console might just stand a chance against its newly launched competitors. I have no hestitation in giving this game a purr-fect score.

Final Score - 10/10
+ Furtastic and buttery smooth visuals.
+ The best video game soundtrack I've ever heard.
+ Level design that's the cat's meow!
+ The first Mario game fun in both multiplayer and single-player.
+ Vast array of powerups to help beginners and experts alike.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/25/13

Game Release: Super Mario 3D World (US, 11/22/13)

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