Upcoming Wii U Game Releases

07/04 Australia Art Academy: Atelier
07/09 North America Don't Crash
07/16 Japan Yoshi Wool World
07/22 Japan Monster Hunter Frontier G8 (Premium Package)
07/23 North America Pixel Slime U
07/24 Europe Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker (amiibo Bundle)
07/28 North America Legend of Kay Anniversary
The Swindle
07/29 Europe Legend of Kay Anniversary
08/04 Japan Devil's Third
08/28 Europe Devil's Third
08/29 Australia Devil's Third
09/10 Japan Super Mario Maker
09/11 North America Super Mario Maker
Europe Super Mario Maker
09/12 Australia Super Mario Maker
09/15 North America Mighty No. 9
09/18 Japan Mighty No. 9
Europe Mighty No. 9
09/20 North America Skylanders SuperChargers (Starter Pack)
09/24 Australia Skylanders SuperChargers (Starter Pack)
09/25 Europe Rodea the Sky Soldier
Skylanders SuperChargers (Starter Pack)
09/27 North America LEGO Dimensions (Starter Pack)
09/28 Australia LEGO Dimensions (Starter Pack)
09/29 Europe LEGO Dimensions (Starter Pack)
10/13 North America Rodea the Sky Soldier
Shovel Knight
10/16 North America Yoshi's Woolly World
Europe Rodea the Sky Soldier (Limited Edition)
Shovel Knight
Australia Shovel Knight
10/20 North America Adventure Time: Finn and Jake Investigations
Guitar Hero Live
Just Dance 2016
Australia Guitar Hero Live
10/22 Australia Just Dance 2016
10/27 North America Monster High: Ghoul School
11/03 North America Barbie and Her Sisters: Puppy Rescue
11/17 North America Kung Fu Panda: Showdown of Legendary Legends
12/04 North America Xenoblade Chronicles X