Upcoming Wii U Game Releases

07/11 Europe Wii Sports Club
07/12 Australia Wii Sports Club
07/17 Japan Wii Sports Club
07/23 Japan Monster Hunter Frontier G5 (Premium Package)
07/25 North America Wii Sports Club
08/07 Japan Dragon Quest X: All In One Package
08/14 Japan Zelda Musou
09/04 Japan Zumba Fitness World Party
09/19 Europe Hyrule Warriors
09/20 North America Falling Skies: The Game
Japan Bayonetta 2
Australia Hyrule Warriors
09/26 North America Hyrule Warriors
10/02 Australia Skylanders Trap Team (Starter Pack)
10/05 North America Skylanders Trap Team (Starter Pack)
10/10 Europe Skylanders Trap Team (Starter Pack)
10/21 North America Just Dance 2015
10/23 Australia Just Dance 2015
10/24 Europe Just Dance 2015
10/31 North America Costume Quest 2
11/06 Japan The LEGO Movie Videogame