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Where can I find the fishing pole?

Does anyone know how to get the fishing pole

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You can either buy it from the blacksmith or obtain it from Joe

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Best way is to talk to Joe a few times once you start moving Ymir around, eventually he will give you your first fishing pole as well as a recipe book to make the level 1 poles.

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As stated,

You can at some point buy a Cheap Pole, but is best got from Joe.
It may be from a Request, as is a Fire Rod *for wine* and doing Requests seems to raise Friendship.

Just keep doing requests and exploring with Ymir, and if keep talking you will get the goods.
*this goes for all related issues for all people: Talking, Requests, and Exploration*

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Another important note: UPGRADE YOUR POLES TO MAX YOU CAN.

If are able to upgrade to a better pole do so asap as will improve your fishing by a great deal.
To get the Star rod (get it? 'Star Rod'? lolz) just keep reforging using Scrap Metal. This will also raise your Skill Level for the Forge. I believe you get a lump of Sliver for the Intermediate Rod from either the Earth Shrine Boss or fire. USE IT on the Rod.

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