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How do I get the recipes for crafting "armor"?

I cant find them and need to upgrade my defense.

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ZGuy0fSci answered:

Like said, and to summarize:

1) Go to mansion.

2) Examine the Crafting Table in a Room to the Left. (1st one I think)
Electra will give you the Recipes.

3) Use Wool and Yarn to make Handknit Hats to sell until can make Handknit Scarves to sell.
These will be your #1 money makers outside of Oak Chairs.
* This be how max Skill in Crafting so as to make the 'Armor' Items you want *

4) After obtaining the needed ingredients and Skill Level, but BEFORE start to craft,

5) Make the items wanted once (or twice, thrice at the most);
If you fail to get the Star LOAD YOUR SAVE FILE.

"Save Scumming" is the only way to get the good stuff with a Star, as they
require rare stuff in short supply. ie Bronze, Silver, Gold, etc ... things can't be bought.

To get the best Tools, Weapons, and Gear worth using you WANT the Stars.
30% Boost to main stats is a Very BiG deal, esp as make better stuff.

{for example, (o.3*100) + 100 = 100 + 3*10 = 100 + 30 = 130 }
For the SAME stuff you just got 30 more Attack / Defence / whatever ! !

* take 10% and triple it to get 30% *

Your chances of a start go up as the challenge goes down. Therefore wait to go for the goods
you want until says "Very Easy" when go to make. *scarf abuse ftw*

Also goes up if using Stars to make. *a very big deal on higher skilled recipes*

I hope this is of help.

**Note: to do this for Weapons and Tools, use 2 Irons to make basic Long Swords.
(same as with the Scarf, but for Forging.) They sell for same as cost which means profits
via Haggling and the periodic Stars.

***Note: Use Fried Rice (Rice Egg Oil) to heal.
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DarkMoonSlayer answered:

Most of Electra's requests grant accessory recipes, accessories are as close to armor as the game gets.
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delerium_76 answered:

Go into Electra's mansion, and take your first left. Inside there, along the south wall, you will find the crafting bench. When you interact with it, Electra will walk up to you and give you all of the lower level recipes to make accessories. From there, follow DarkMoonSlayer's advice to acquire more recipes.
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ZGuy0fSci answered:

****Note: To get the Skill for Cooking up so can make Fried Rice,
abuse Hot Milks. *use the Pot at the Inn kitchen*

Buy Milks at the Inn, make into Hot Milk, Sell. Repeat.
*around 12kG per 99 Milks ** around 20kG made *
(buy Fried Shrimp{Odette} or Ice Cream{Lilly} for healing, based on your level)
{when can, start making own Ice Creams *chopping board*}

Is also how get the money for the Crafting Table for your house early on.
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