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Growing ore?

Okay when you look at what the spring can do in the monster barn is it can grow and tend to toyherb ,moondrop etc...,well i just got a slime and when you look at the same section it says it
can grow bronze, silver etc... what does that mean?

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ZGuy0fSci answered:

From what I've gathered,

Once you find Winter Island (likely able to be got in Winter? Like Spring Island was for Spring)
you can put the Slime there and it should grow rocks! Using a Silver Hammer (?) you can then break these rocks to Mine Ore. (it works in theory as plants do normally) However, harvesters like the Orc Archer and [my favorite] the Mantis can't harvest the Ores for you like the Plants.

*Note: The Mantis is found on the Sunken Ship south of the Shrine below the sunken head.
Orc Archers are in the Earth Temple, 2nd or 3rd floor. (as are mimics / monster boxes -> Ruby and beetles -> Oak)

**Note: Look under the question "How do I mine" for more details on Mining.

I hope this helps ^-^
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