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How do I solve Pandora's request: "Punish them!"?

I've gotten this request and I have no idea how to accomplish it. After accepting the request, I talk to Pandora and she says she want to overcome her hate of rosaries. So somewhere in the dialouge, it says to bring her 3 rosaries.

How do I obtain rosaries? Are they craftable, buyable, or obtained from someone? The only rosary I've ever seen in the game was from Gerald's request to find Kelsey's rosary.


HitTheGroundWal answered:

You have to make them, and they are really hard to make, unfortunately. You can just put it off, and she will still give you other requests, so there's no rush.
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sirx86 answered:

Yeah, you have to make them, blowing three pieces of platinum and three lamp flowers in the process, both of which are not obtainable until late in the game. She only gives you "Sickle Recipes (Level S)" as a result, so the ends is in no way worth the means. But as far as completing all requests, that's how its done.
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ZGuy0fSci answered:

I think you also need Magic Crystals, which are the hard item to get. Well, until the Wind Shrine's later floors. Will be getting them like mad by then from there.

Can also spam MCs off of that request where Elena has you give a "Copper" Bronze Bracelet to Pandora.
Just chose "Talk about Payment", pocket the Magic Crystal, Cancel Request; Repeat as Needed until done, then do for real to get Lv3 Axe (or hammer?) recipes.

As for the Flowers and Platinum? You can farm for Platinum at E4 Wyverns, with the Lamp Flower got by Fall Flower monster in Water Shrine. Just befriend it, and when ready put as only crop monster on Island not Winter, let grow sprouts into what want, then repopulate with Lv10 FP monsters so will grow faster. & Platinum can be grown by King Trolls, whom you caught / "tamed" at either Desert Island or, as I later learned, the Island at the Reef where "The Current is Shallow" Joe's Request.

You will not be short on Platinum soon there after. Can also get from Blue Bronze Golems in Wind Shrine to grow ore.

As for the Skill Level to make, 2 words: SCARF ABUSE. Make a LOT of Handknit Scarves for sell, haggling when do. By the time get Lv99 will have MAD profits and will be at Lv99.

Just remember to keep a 4th one for yourself, pref a star, as are GREAT item to have. IS a Lv S head item after all. (I forget who gives the request that gives the recipe, so just do 'em all)
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