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How Can I get the Legendary Staff without Forging one (ALL SPOILERS ARE WELCOMED)?

I saw that you need to do Pandora's quest at 4FP or something. But, I never got that. Also, I am pretty much at the last and final boss battle stage to complete the story line and I would LOVE to defeat him because of the fact that he killed me with his stupid clones(Maybe a spoiler?). How can I get past that?

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Never mind you guys. I actually got a higher level in forging just by boredom. So, If anyone needs a high level in forging buy ALOT of scrap metal and continue making the intermediate fishing rod (needs beginner rod) until you get to level 40 :). them make the famous pole after you make the famous pole you can do the same thing with that until you are level 60. :) I hope that would help. I did this because of the material, it is not hard to obtain.

I also counted how many times in between you need to do it to get a skill up. for Somewhat difficult it was about 7-9 times (I think it was 8) for easy it is 11times and for very easy it is 14 times. Hope that helps at all for anyone

Aqualeenah provided additional details:

Also I already started gathering things I needed to make the Legendary Staff. Luckily one of them was given to me by Jocelyn. She gave me a light rod. Other then that I am ready to get him :) (or her?)


CatMuto answered:

I think the part where the clones are over powerful and kill you is obligatory. That's what I believe, because when I was at that part myself, a sort of cutscene triggered.

Congrats on getting bored for Forging stuff. I did that myself and post-game, the Staff is kind of unnecessary.

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