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Asked: 3 years ago

Where can I find a sapphire?

I'm pretty sure I have every single gem in the game besides a sapphire. Where do you get one?

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From: ZGuy0fSci 3 years ago

To better summarize:

1) Wish for 'More Monster Drops' at shrine *if able*
2) Go to Earth Shrine top floor (boss room floor) and Go Down the Stairs.
3) KILL-A-THON!! the chests that appear, NOT killing the Orb/Gateway. If you DO merely go back up the stairs and down 'em and it is reset. This is also a great Level Grinding spot/method if are ~Lv10 or 20 you and/or your Monster pals.

The Water Shrine monster box baddies will give 'em too in place of Ruby if catch and harvest from on the next day. If specifically wanting Sapphire, I'd recommend this, as would the prior enemy if wanting lots of Rubies. But by doing the KILL-A-THON!! thing you may also get emeralds and even a diamond, and likely a quality/star version at that.

Pick ya Poison and have at it.
GLHF!! ^_~

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The chests that are actually monsters will drop gems when you kill them. :]

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