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Helenas Vitality?

I just started playing PT. The game told me that while I am inside the towers, the circle on the lower left corner shows her vitaslity and I have to return and give monster's flesh to her. But I have given her flesh sveral times now and the gauge is not refilling....wwhat am I doing wrong?

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zeroxtrl answered:

you doing nothing wrong ^^ I thought the same! it's the system! normal flesh refills 3/4 of the gauge and always the whole 3/4 of the gauge not more nor less it's always just 3/4 full, the wet flesh refills i think 7/8 of the gauge and the warm flesh refills the whole gauge thats it it doesnt fill up a part of the gauge thats what i thought and you too it did confuse me at the beginning too
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psyc0h answered:

You have to bring it back to the tower for her. If she's transformed, choose the option to feed her meat. If not, just gift it to her.
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zeroxtrl answered:

Also i think take care to return to her before the violet gauge color is gone to far or she will be a monster again and i guess it kills the love to her i don't know well i just need 2 more points to get full gauge of love to her and i'm right now in Tower 9
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