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Dusk Tower 2F, how to get to the chain?

I can't get to the chain on Dusk Tower 2F. Instead of the ledge I could grab in the Light Tower, this one only has one of those ladders that can only be opened from the other side.

Any help?

ZoroTheGallade provided additional details:

Thanks, got it.


AlisteRosenheim answered:

You need to fall through the hole on the 4th floor in the room with a broken bridge.
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bullfrog0403 answered:

I believe that's the chain that you need to fall down through a hole to get. If you keep progressing through the tower, you'll get to a bridge with an enemy on it. There's no telltale glow to indicate a portal can be formed but right in the middle of the bridge is a circle inscription where you should throw a stone (Shadow Stone, I believe) which will create a portal you can take. When you do, you'll fall through a hole and be in front of that chain door.
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