Walkthrough by Vegink

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				Pandora's Tower
			Copyright(c) 2012 by Link_86_1
				   Version 1.00

Table of contents
Version                                         		**vrin**
Introduction                                    		**itdn**
Controls                                        		**ctrl**
General Ideas & Tips                         			**gi&t**
Walkthrough                     		                **wkth**
	Treetop Tower						**wktt**
	Sheerdrop Spire						**wkss**
	Wellspring Steeple					**wkws**
	Crimson Keep						**wkck**
	Ironclad Turret						**wkit**
	Arcadian Tower						**wkat**	
	Rockshard Rampart					**wkrr**
	Torrent Peak						**wktp**
	Blazing Citadel						**wkbc**
	Truegold Tower						**wktg**
	Dawn Tower						**wkdt**
	Observatory						**wkob**
	New Game +						**neg+**
Credits                                         		**crdt**
Legal Information                               		**llin**

Press Control+F to bring up the find menu then type in one of the codes 
above. Include the *.

Version                                 	     **vrin**

Version 1.0 Walkthrough is done

Introduction                                         **itdn**

This is my second FAQ/walkthrough but my first 3d game, any comments, 
suggestions, and questions can be directed towards my email.

Controls					     **ctrl**

So this game uses the Wii remote and nunchuk or a classic controller.  Since I 
don't have a classic controller, I'm gonna do the remote and nunchuk.

You move your character (Aeron) with the analog stick.

D-pad - Select items to use with the left or right buttons, these items can be 
seen on the lower right side of the screen.  Press up or down will use the 

A - Swings your weapon. Hold down A until a light flashes around Aeron to do 
an enhanced attack, pressing A again as the blue ring converges allows you to 
do additional strikes. 
    Pressing A or Z after a fall but just before a drop to the ground will 
allow Aeron to minimize damage
    While holding down B and pointing to a spot on the screen, press A to 
throw enemies or objects.
    You can fire a chain shot while holding down B, selecting an enemy and 
hit A.
    Opens Doors

B - Zooms in and allows Aeron to use his chain. While zoomed it slows the 
game play down and allows Aeron to target specific parts of a foes body.
    While holding down B and pointing to a spot on the screen, press A to throw
enemies or objects.
    You can fire a chain shot while holding down B, selecting an enemy and 
hit A.

+ - Brings up the inventory and typical pause menu stuff. From left to right we
have Bag (Inventory), Map, Archive, Status, and Options.

- - Release a binded opponent or object from the chain, or recover the chain.

C - Picking stuff up
    When something is binded with the chain, pressing C will shorten the chain. 
Pressing C will also allow Aeron to drop from a ledge he may be holding on to.

Z - Allows you to block, move the analog stick in a certain direction, and you 
roll/dodge in that general direction.
    Pressing A or Z after a fall but just before a drop to the ground will 
allow Aeron to minimize damage

Waving - Once an enemy is binded, you can wave the remote and do "tear" 
	 Waving the nunchuk with a binded enemy will allow you to swing 
your foe.

1 - Brings up the inventory

2 - Brings up the map

General Ideas & Tips					     **gi&t**

The monsters are random, which for the most part is why there is little 
mention of monsters in this game, except in the beginning, and where I know 
for sure there are monsters, yes this was my first play through which is why 
there is mention of monsters and items in the beginning.

This game uses days and in game time.  So if you go in at night, chances are 
there are some monsters sleeping.  Sneak up on them and take em out.
Pay attention to your timer, I swear it gets shorter regardless of how much 
flesh you give Elena towards the end of the game. If you need to go back to 
the Observatory, then do so.  I omitted those from this Walkthrough.  

Save! Save! Save! Every time you visit the Observatory, save.  It doesn't hurt 
you, or anyone you care about.  So might as well as do it.  It could save you 
sometime if something accidently happens.

Walkthrough					     **wkth**

Treetop Tower					     **wktt**

You start the game in a a hall way.  Going straight ahead starts a mini cut 
scene. Just to the left of the hulking statue is a stone, go ahead and use your 
chain on it.  To the right, up the stairs, is a dead end and some medicine. Now
go down stairs and to the right of the big statue you find more crates 
Continue going around the giant statue there will be a door on the right, 
we're  not going in there yet. Further back is some more crates. We come to a 
second door, I'm gonna back track to the other door.

In this room there is Dryad Berry x2 on the ground, and a door in the back. 
There is some stone to the right, and some up on the ledge, climb up on the 
ledge in order to get the items. Time to proceed to the door in the back.

First fight of the game. Use a combination of attacks, dodging, blocking and 
throw in some chain attacks for good measure to take the creature out.  Once 
defeated you will obtain your first piece of flesh. Time back track to the 
beginning at the end of the hallway you will get a choice, head to the 


Once in this new place, head into the building with the only available door, 
just  to the left of the center of the screen. 

Once inside, a very lengthy cut scene transpires. After the cut scene there are
some questions you can ask. I won't go into details. After the questions there 
is another cut scene. 

The next morning...				     

You wake up next to a bed. Hit the Z button to find Elena and go talk to her.  
After you talk to her, you can continue to talk to her or give a gift. So do 
whichever your little gamer heart desires. 

Now after the conversation, go to the green pointing arrow. Begin the 
conversation with Mavda. After the conversation you have the option to 
buy/sell, create/repair, upgrade weapons, and continue talking. After the 
conversation she will give you a note about a harvest of horror. 

Go to the green pointer arrow and save your game. After you save your games 
there will be 4 more green pointer arrows. One goes to the trunk where you 
can store items. The other arrow goes to the courtyard where you can collect 
some Dryad berries. The If you go up the steps there is a roof. However, not 
much is going on up there. The third green arrow goes to the beds where you 
can sleep to regain health. The last arrow goes to the Towers. 

Return to the Treetop Tower. 

If you need more health potions at any time, go back to the Observatory. 
Notice on the bottom left corner that there is a curse meter. Pay attention to 
it. Crates are back. Go ahead and bust them up. Re-enter the first door 
on the right. 

There are little monsters. Use a combination of attacks and strategic defense 
to defeat them. Bust up the crates that have re-appeared. Time to go through 
the other door again and fight the same monster you fought the first time. 
Use the same strategy. After you defeat him bust up the crates. Now, time to 
go behind the mystery door. 

There are monsters. After defeating them, go to the barred door. Shoot it 
with the chain and break it. Climb up on the ledge and bust up the crates and 
collect all of the items. Go over to the elevator and use the chain on the 

Once you are up the elevator shaft there are some monsters. Make them 
meet their maker. There is medicine on the ledge and some crates. Bust them 
up. There is a door on the right. You're going in. 

There are a couple of monsters in here. I would recommend taking them out 
one by one. There are some crates you can break. There is a door on the right. 
You're going through. 

Upon entering you will see a green pointer arrow. Use your chain and grab 
what it is pointing to. It will be a Warrior amulet. Proceed with the 
tutorial on how to equip it. After the tutorial, go through the door at the 
end of the walkway. 

Drop off the ledge to pick up the lump of metal. Go to the right side of the 
screen and go through the door.

You will fight bees and a beehive. If you prefer one-on-one combat, go for 
it. I would recommend taking out 2 of the bees and then bind 2 of the 
other bees and then go for the hive. The binding is only temporary so 
work fast. Other bees will come out of the hive, dispose of them as you 
please. After having stung the competition, there are a few crates on the 
right side that need your attention. There are also 2 doors. You are going in 
the middle one. 

In the hallway, head south. There is a lump of metal on the ground. Head 
north up the stairway and defeat the monster that is blocking your path. 
Continue going up the stairway. You will probably encounter more monsters, 
dispose of them in a humane fashion. At the end of the long hall there is a 
Witch's wand and a door on the right. You are going in that door.

You come between 2 fountains. One fountain has water, the other has 
nothing. Drink from the first fountain to restore health if you must. There are
a couple of crates. Do with them as you wish. There is a door to the north, go 
in it. 

In this room as you run towards the gaps in the floor you will jump 
automatically. Collect the items and proceed to the left side of the room and 
go through the door. 

In this room there are a couple of crates, flowers, and a chest. You cannot 
do anything with the flowers yet. There is also a ladder that you will 
climb up. Point your Wii remote at the green pointer arrow and use your 
chain. You will scale the wall into the hallway. Once in the hallway, go 
north until you reach a wide open space. A cut scene will then ensue. 
After the cut scene there are some crates next to a door. Enter the door 
after smashing the crates. 

Once inside the door there will be more crates to smash. In the crates there 
will be a book/note called Treetop: Thorns that will talk about getting rid of 
the flowers. But you're reading this, so you must need some assistance, swing 
your chain onto the flower, and it will go underground, now we chase it back 
to the room with the ladder.

Now that we're back here, we need to bind the flower and the stone that the 
green pointing arrow is pointing to. Once that is accomplished, start hacking 
away at the flower. You will see it slowly loose color. A cut scene will ensue. 
Unlock the door, and head on in.

Next room, head to the end where you see a chain heading up into the 
ceiling, smack it around a couple of times. Another cut scene will show up.  If
you recognize the area, head there. If not, head out, and head up the ladder, 
up the hall way.  Head right on in.

Well look at this Master Monster, he's helping the environment, what's wrong 
with that? Well I guess we have a curse to break. Collect the book before 
beginning, which is in a crate. Begin by throwing your chain at the glowy spot 
on the front of his head and yankin it. You can build up power by pulling back 
on the analog stick.  Just dodge it's attacks, and you should have this first 
"Master" Monster done in no time. Short cut scene and new flesh.  Who can 
guess where we are goin now?  As soon as you leave the current room, you 
end up at your destination.


Walk in, short cut scene, give her the master flesh, another short cut scene.

The Next Morning...

After all the talk, you should have the materials to upgrade your blade. New 
Tower, stronger blade, right? Be sure to stock up on stuff you're going to need
by buying or creating. Walk out and a small cut scene happens.  When it's 
over, head over to the tower area and select the next tower.

Sheerdrop Spire					    **wkss**

Upon entering we see another giant statue, to the right, we have a crate, and 
some sticky mud.  To the left we have a door, that requires a key.  Behind the 
statue is the door we're going through.

We got ourselves a fight on our hands.  This is no different than any other 
generic fight. Towards the back is a book on how to operate the elevator, use 
the chain and pull on it with all your might! Once at the top, we got a few 
crates, a chest that is out of our reach, and a door. I got an idea! Let's head
through the door.

Upon entering the new room, head left.  Once you have the book, head right. 
Climb the walls Prince of Persia-ish, and open the crate for a book. Enter the 

In this room, monsters, dispatch them quickly so we can move on, I'll wait... 
After that, there is a tough pelt towards the back of the room along with a 
couple of crates. Head for the giant opening to the left side of the room.

Well looks like we're going to be climbing, hope you brought your 
climbing shoes! Head left/back for some crates, then start climbin' up. 
If you somehow mess up the gold bit, there is a chunk right next to you, 
pull it off, and swing it up there. Climb up and head to the right, over the
 opening and at the elevator. Head on up by pullin the leaver. You will see
 another piece of gold lying on the ground, toss it where it needs to be
tossed. On the other side of the elevator are some crates. We have a door 
in the back, let's go see where it takes us.

In this new room, there is only one way to go. So go to the ledge, and head 
down. All the way at the bottom there is some gold pieces lying on the 
ground, next time you come through you'll use that, till then head into the 
cave, and into the door.

Take out the foes, or jump down and take them out. Either way, take em out. 
Head down the stairs in front of your, and head down the stairs again, you'll 
find some crystal ore. Now head back up and go to the left, let's follow the 
chain and see where it goes. Climb down and head to the right for the chest. 
Can you say useful? Now unlock the door, and head in.

Oh look, another chain thing, let's smash it! Head on out... Now let's take a 
breather for a cut scene.

Now climb right back up the back wall, and head back up the stairs. As you're 
heading down the hall, right by the torch is the wall we want. Now if you 
didn't do the gold spike bit before going into the wall, now is the time to do 
that. Climb up the wall and over the cliff and walk through the door like you 
own the place.

Head over to the elevator and head on up. At the top, head left and 
down the ladder. Yes it is there. Here we have a fountain, if you need 
it, use it, if not, go over the edge again to find a door.  Head on in.

In this room, there is some floating rock like creatures, you can grab em with 
the chain and toss em at each other or the floor, doesn't matter to me. The 
sword is useless against them. After they have shattered, head on through 
the door on the right.

If you have some birds, take em out.  Head over to the ledge and shimmy 
across. Follow around the corner and swing across the chasm.  Unlock the 
door on the left, and head in.

Last of 3 chains right in front of you, take it out so we can move on.  Now we 
can head to the Master Monster. Head out and back track to the Master 
Monster.  If you need more time head back and give Elena some flesh.  Once 
you're ready, head on through.

Once through, look for the Old Note, should be just right of where you 
entered.  Now time to bring the pain.  Head to the back of it, and bring the 
chain to the back of it's body.  Once the actual fight begins, you're going to 
want to bind one of its legs to a stone, get behind it, recall the chain, and 
then whip it at the weak spot. All the while dodging whatever it will at you.  
Once he has been defeated, leave.


Now if you're like me with this past fight, and didn't recharge the timer, 
you're hurtin for time.  Hurry and give her some flesh.  After all the stuff, 
sell/buy/upgrade your stuff. Head outside. Enter cut scene. Talk to Elena, and 
head out towards the next Tower.

Wellspring Steeple				     **wkws**

Upon entering, we see yet another giant statue for a god.  No crates this time,
and only a single door, that's your target, let's roll out.

Upon entering, we have a giant wheel, and a monster or two.  All the 
way to the left is a Nymph water, collect, and run to the right, where 
there is a grapple point.  Let's head on over to the other side, since our 
friend here can't swim, big baby. Over on the other side, and all the way
 down the walk way is some crates, maybe a monster or two. There is 
also three doors, head back down by the grapple point and head into the 
door straight ahead.

There are two water monsters here, dispose of them.  There is a chest towards 
the back that contains an item, collect it.  There is also some Nymphs water 
and Mercury down in the water bed.  Just slide over the edge, and shoot the 
chain into the water. Let's leave. Now head all the way down and head to the 
door on the right.

Once inside, there really isn't much going on, a block in the middle of 
the room. Slash the block all the way to the wall so you can climb up it.
Once on top, bust the crates open, collect the strange grains, follow the 
stairs and bust up the crates along the way.  Before you head over to the 
door, there is some crates to the left. NOW you may enter the door.

Head to the left for another door.

There is some crates to the north upon entering, get rid of em.  See the 
block in the water?  Chain it up, and pull it to the skinny end of the pool. 
That way you can jump across.  A book to the right, in a crate. Head up the
stairs and smash any crates that get in your way.  At the end of our long 
walk up these flight of stairs is a door. If you haven't guessed where you're 
going, then you're playing the wrong game.

There are some crates to the left of your starting point in this next room. 
You can shimmy across to the chest.  What's in this chest you ask?  Only 
a fancy brand new TWIN BLADE! It slices, it dices, it's gonna make mince 
meat out of your foes. But alas our sword is currently stronger.  You can 
upgrade it with the weird lady. After obtaining your new toy you can chain 
whip the thing to the left. One down, one to go. Once that is done, head 
over to the shimmy spot, and climb down.  See the chain going to the door?  
We're going there.

Upon entering we have a short cut scene, nothin to spoil there, so 
I'll just say it, monsters, 3 of em.  Two can be dispatched however you see 
fit, the last however tries to prove how invincible he is by beating on his
 head.  Once you remove his armor with the on screen tutorial, he can be
 taken out so easily, just watch out for the lance, that thing packs a wallop!
 Now it's time to unlock the door, and head on in.

Remember these from the last Tower?  Guess they're back, only two this 
time, which is good. Take it out, and head on out. But first, cut scene. 
Enemies have returned, take em out or run, don't care which, head to the 
far door, not the middle one, that requires  a key! Back in the other room 
again, head to the opposite side of the wheel, there is another door. Let's 
take a look shall we?

In this room, there is a stair way, we're going upstairs.  There is a few 
crates, a well that was empty when I had past it. But there is a door, 
waltz right on in.

There is a couple of crates to the south, but there is our second chain puller 
thing. So in case you missed where we are going, we are going to hurry and 
chain up to the water wheel.  Ride that around once till you see a grapple.  
This fancy door is our target.  Destroy the crates if you wish, then head in.

Upon entering head straight up the stairs, dispatch the monsters, or run. 
Smash the crates, or run. You'll run into a well, this time around for me, 
it was full.  For you weeeellll it may not be.  There is a door at the top of 
the stairs.  Head on in.

Small cut scene, and go!  There is a creature in the reverse water fall, you
 should kill it.  So that way there will be no problems going up with the 
water. Walk around the reverse waterfall, and you'll find a book detailing 
the master of this place.  Sounds like trouble... better make sure your time
 gauge is full. Once you've dispatched the monster, it's all about finding 
the right rock that'll get you up to the spots.  The door I'll be taking you
 through is north west on the map. Open up your map after you're done 
with the monster or before, if you're feeling gutsy, and look, I know it's so
tedious. Once in position, unlock and go through.

And so, our final chain has been busted, let's go find this bad mamba jamba.  
Back in the previous room, there is a door to the south east, that's where we 
are headed.

Head up the stairs, and through the big double doors.

You can clearly see the Master Flesh moving around, but first get the 
Old Note. Then proceed to tell this Master who is the real master.  This 
guy can send water up the chain, so be careful.  Like other masters before 
it, dodge, dodge, dodge! You're not gonna last long if you sit there takin a 
beating. I'm only level 7 while fighting this thing.  If you see the water on 
your chain, yank it. This is probably the more annoying of the three Masters 
so far, what is with annoying water levels? Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time,
 this. If you're under leveled, make quick strikes and make sure  you have 
near max time.  After you have taken a good chunk of it's HP out, it's going to
grow tentacles.  Have fun with that.  You get close, you're going to be 
smashed.  But! There is a bright side, the flesh stops moving, use that 
moment to build up power, and yank it out.  After all is said and done, leave.


Find Elena, give her the flesh. Upgrade/buy/sell/repair, whatever, just do it. 
Be sure to deposit your items so you can make a nice run through on our next 
endeavor. As you leave, enter the cut scene. Time to head towards the fourth 

Crimson Keep					     **wkck**

Upon arrival, we see the statue again, with its chains.  We have two doors, 
one behind this behemoth, the other to the left.  We're going to the left.

It is apparently too dark to see properly, but there is some monsters in 
these parts. Dispose of them, and  heads towards the left, where a door is,
walk through.

In this room, it's best to eliminate any monsters, smash the crates, 
and then head up stairs. All the way up stairs, no half assing it either.  
We have a door here, follow me.

In this room, head left, enter the room with the chain going into it.

If there are beasts, dispose of them.  Follow the chain to the next door.

Upon entering, the door is locked, and we have some jelly like creatures. We 
have no time for useless games, take em out.  After which there is a door. 
Head over to that door, unlock it, and walk in.

One of the two chains we need to destroy.  Destroy it, and go back 3 rooms. 
The room which I speak of, is dark, with a few lit torches, and a few bats. 
Over on the left side of the door, is a climbable wall.  Get on, and get over. 
If you need light, you can chain some of the large fire and drag it. There is 
a door hidden over here in the darkness.  Once you find it, head on in.

Go ahead and take out the crates, then head north you will find a giant cog 
machine.  Chain up, and pull. The cog works on a timer, if you don't get it 
the first time, just attempt it again. At the top is a well, heal if you must,
if its full, otherwise, go through the door.

Small cut scene showing us where the next chain in the level is. A wall of 
fire cuts off our path on the straight end. But if you head north, and follow 
the corner, you can see a cog machine, do what you do best  here. Both are on 
timers, but run over there. Once over the other side of the wall of flames, 
there is a ladder lookin thing on the right. Use the chain and climb up. 
Once at the top, there is another thing you can chain to over on the right. 
Continue to the right, watch out for pillars of fire. Once you're all the way 
over, chain up to the ladder. From up here you can see... never mind.  Chain 
over to the other side, then use the lever to permanently get rid of the 
flame walls below. Unlock the door and head inside the door with the chain 
above it.

Guess what we found?  That's right the second chain.  Now we've unlocked 
the door to the boss man.  Head out and go down past the lever. You should 
get a book for the Crimson Master, but you can shimmy further down. Fall 
down deliberately, Now it's time to do a little bit of back tracking. Back 
track to the point where you had to deal with the walls of fire. Go up and to 
the right, instead of goin to the ladder, we're going to the grapple point. 
Swing across, grapple to the other side, and head north. There are some crates 
due north, but by the grapple point is a platform just right of it. Climb up 
it, and use the grapple point.  Here we have more crates, a chest, and a door.
When you've collected your spoils head through the door.

Head over the ledge by the jet stream of steam.  If you have some beasties on 
the other side of the wall of fire, let them burn themselves, or take them out.
Whichever you prefer.  After that, chain the handle on the cog and pull. Once 
the wall of flame is down, head all the way over to the other leaver this 
stops the steam. Now time to grapple our way through the obstacle course.  
Grapple from point to point till you reach the end, aim for the wall, and 
grapple.  Here we have our door, head on in.

Grapple across land down, and grab the Old Note so Elena has something to 
do.  When you're ready, begin. As the fight begins, he drenches himself in 
lava, making the flesh impossible to obtain. He shoots fire from his mouth, 
and uses a fire blade.  In order to get that pound of flesh, you're going to 
need to "short circuit" him.  Latch on to various parts of his body, you'll 
see a lightning show, eventually that part will "break". Once you've done that 
to all his parts (five total) the flesh is exposed.  But you still have to 
dodge his attacks. He will sometimes re-submerge himself to restore the lost 
parts. Compared to the Water Master, I'd say he is easy.  Whenever you see him 
pull out his sword, hurry over to the opposite side. When you see pink orbs, 
he's tryin to heal. Destroy them so he can't do that with the chain. After he 
begins to get serious, he'll start slamming his fists. He'll also start dual 
wielding swords grapple up to avoid them. Try to do things from the opposite 
side. Like if you're going for his right hand, be on the left.  That way, you 
have some mobility for dodging.  You can also completely rid yourself of your 
chain while fighting.  Once defeated, head on out.


Do the usual crap. Another Tower under our belts, feelin pretty good bout 
yourself? There is another Old Note upstairs, collect it, and have her 
translate it.  Ready for the next Tower?Let's do this.

Ironclad Turret					     **wkit**

So there are three chains we need to destroy in this one, let's begin by going 
through the door on the left.

In this next room we got some crates over to the and south, and to the north.  
We also got some stairs, lets climb. At the top of the stairs is a crate with a
book, and a lift system.  Read it, memorize it. Now latch on to one of the 
grapple points going away from you.  It'll take you to the next door we're 
going through.

Upon entering we're locked in with monsters! Oh noes what are we gonna 
do? Bash em in their faces, duh. In the previous Tower we had some similar 
foes, remove the armor, dodge the attacks, and beat em till they are stone 
cold dead. Or you can run to the other side, and grab the chest, inside is the 
Military Scythe.  Slightly better than your sword if it's level 1 with two 
spots upgraded. So once you defeat the enemies head to the door on the right.

There is nothing to do in this room just yet, so proceed to the door on the 

Hit the switch right by you, it'll make the grapple point you're about to use 
turn in the way we want it too.  Then to the far left, swing your chain and 
pull to get the wheels turning in this place.  Latch on to the grapple point 
and ride that bad boy. Once you're by the door, hop down, this is our stop for 
now.  Unlock it, head in.

Chain one, done, head on out. Hit the switch, and then grab on to a grapple 
point headed away from you.  Once you collect the stuff in the  corner, head 
back to the first door, hit the switch by the first door and ride another 
grapple point to the left. Once over there, go through the door.

In this room, there are some stairs, head up the whole flight we have two 
doors at the top, we're going to go into the first one.  

There is a chest up by a broke ladder as soon as we come in, hop up and 
collect.  Further towards the right side, is a ladder, head on up. To the 
right, we have another section, proceed to the right.  To the left on this new 
screen, there is a switch, hitting it will put things into motion in the room 
behind us.  Head back into the room and head around to the other side of the 
pillar in the middle of the room to find another gear door.

Just to the right is a switch, hit it to get the ball rollin. Then head south.
There is some sorta amber holding the giant smasher in place. Use the chain and
break it. Use the nearby grapple point and do the same with the rest of the 
amber bits. Then go back to the first one, Wait just a moment, and our way 
forward is clear for the next chain. Unlock the door, and head in.

Smash the chain, back track, and head north. Now use the upward grapple 
point. Time your movement so that you can get to the switch towards the 
back of the room to move the grapple point on the right so that it'll go 
vertical.  Another amber bit just on the top right of the screen. But we can't 
reach it yet, another grapple point is just above us.  There is a grapple point
to the left on the wall. Use it to reach the moving grapple point that is going
down, pick up the Abyssal Ingot. Grapple back to the one  that is going up, 
move to the wall again and climb up.  You should be up tight against a wall. Go
north, and we have our next chain. Unlock the door, and head in. 

Bust the chain, now our path to the Master is clear.  Let's head there. Back 
track to the ground floor of the room we were just in. Then go through the 
door on the ground floor. Find the broken ladder, climb up and wait for the 
platform to come over so you can jump on it. Break the amber just above you. 
Now climb up on the bit by the platform we'er gonna run to the left when it 
pokes it mug out. Then up the ladder, then there is a grapple point, use it. 
Once over to the other side, continue up the cat walk, grapple onto one of the 
moving grapple points. Smash the amber with the chain, climb up and head 
left on the platform. You'll be by a red door, we need a key for that door. So 
grapple to a moving grapple spot that is heading up. Walk out on the platform 
and grapple on to the grapple point that is heading off screen. When you 
land, grapple to another moving grapple point when it appears.  Move to the 
left when the platform pops out. When on the other side, head on up and 
continue north into the hallway, ignore the first on the right, head into the 
second door.

In this room, head up the flight of stairs we have another door, head on in.

Here we have the stair way that leads to the Master Monster. Go inside when 

We begin by jumping over a chasm.  Then a centaur like creature comes out of 
the sky. The Old Note is down below, it's not a bottomless pit.  He needs to 
overheat in order to find the flesh, he can be over heated by hitting him with 
your weapon.  But like Masters before him, dodge and defend are your two 
best friends. Once he over heats, the flesh is there in the front. Once you're 
done... well you know what to do


You know what to do... When you're ready for the next Tower, I'll meet you 

Arcadian Tower					     **wkat**

In this tower we have three chains to go for, we begin by heading to the  door 
in the back.

Here we have an elevator, and a door to the north, up the elevator.

Up here we have a door to the left, head on through.

In this next room, there is a grapple point, grapple away. Head across the 
platform and grapple across the gap. Once across head into the door.

There's not a whole lot we can do right now, except head north through the 

Here, walk on through to the left, and enter the door.

Well well now, what do we have here?  Two different colored rose monsters.  
We're going for purple first.  Like the first one chase it. Once defeated push 
the block over to the plants. Once done head back to where we seen the two 
flowers, it's yellows turn. Bind the yellow one to the statue nearby.  Kill it,
then we can proceed. Go to the north side of the chasm in the current room, 
and drop below. Drop below again, and we have trouble... dispose of it 
quickly. Now unlock the door, and break the chain. Now go through the 
middle door there, and head towards the back. Then head up the elevator, be 
sure to grab the chest, then go up the other elevator.  As we notice, we're not
quite done with flowers yet. Head through the door in the north.

Then to the right through the door.

Walk over to the blue flower, it'll spook, proceed to the right through the 

Cross the hall way to the other door.

Now take out blue. With blue out of the picture, we can head to the right. So 
unlock the door, and head on in.

Head south for an item. Head north, and into the opening on the right to find 
the red/pink flower. You can reach the plant throwing things at you with your 
chain, take it out.  These explosive ones, you can hit with your chain, grab 
them and throw them at the flower above. Once defeated, head on up and 
unlock the door, and destroy the chain. Head back out, grapple to the broke 
ladder to exit this area. Now head back to the room where we first saw blue. 
It's here where we will find the final chain for this Tower. Back track to 
where we seen the red/pink flowers blocking the elevator, take that up. Just 
to the south we have some crates, to the north is a door we're going through.

Destroy the bomb flowers, and continue down the hall.  Turn the corner for a 

And here we are, the Master Monster. This seemed like a short Tower.  Well 
enough chit chat, let's get that flesh.

The Old Note is towards the back, by the Master. A plant one again, except 
this one isn't helping the environment. Bind it to the little pillars then hack
at it. Just don't let it get into the light, if you found the book for this 
Master, it says that light heals it. If it get's into the light, chain it up, 
and drag it out, make sure there is no slack on the chain so it can get back 
into the light. Once defeated, do the usual. I'm gonna skip the observatory

Rockshard Rampart				     **wkrr**

Well Tower number 7, we're over the hump, and on our way back down. 
There are three chains to break in this level, so, shall we begin? So we have 
two doors, there is one in the back, and one to the right, we're headed right. 

There is a flight of stairs, at the top of one is a door, head on in.

Once inside, break off the gold chunk, and smash it into the a wall nearby. 
Now drag one of the two pieces and throw it into one of the two blue spots, 
and do the same with the other piece. Now grab the chest, then climb up. 
Smash the rocks that are blocking the elevator from coming down. Then hop 
on the elevator and ride it up. Go right, the last elevator, head up. There is 
a couple of grapple points, use them to get across.  Once across, jump down 
and break the stone apart use the parts on the blue walls on the left. Climb up
the left to get to a chain room.  Unlock it, and head in and destroy it. Then 
back track to the elevator that brought you up here.

Now start walking down the hallway where a beast starts to attack you, show 
this punk who is the master. Shortly after its defeat, another appears. Now 
head into the room where the first one came out of, there is a gold shard, 
break it off and drag it to where the blue spot is in the  wall a little ways 
back on the left. Climb up there, and follow the chain down, by grappling on 
the blue crystal like growths in the center of the screen. Once down, head on 

Fall off the edge here on the left, break off a gold chunk, and smash it on a 
wall.  Drag a small piece on the elevator, and go on up.  At the top, throw the
piece into the blue wall. Head over and unlock the door, head on in to get the 
second chain. Once done walk over to the other side, slide down, get on the 
elevator so we can get to the door on the other side. Once over on the other 
side,  break the barricade and head through.

Here we have ourselves a horse shoe, go south, and use the grapple point. 
Once you're at your peak on the other side, there is another grapple point 
about the middle, or slightly right.  Grapple there. Climb up.  There is a door
on the left, enter.

On the left is another door we can't enter, so exit via the huge hole, turn 
south bound, and be prepared to climb up the blue crystals again. Climb up 
until you are just below the first platform, shoot the rocks holding the 
elevator in place, then proceed till you are at the first platform on the 
right.  Then go across, there is an elevator stuck, continue on.  You'll see 
more elevator chains, if you slide over the edge you'll see a door with a 
chain, time to drop! Then head inside.

Take out the beasties on the inside, then proceed to the left.

Now that you're inside, take a gold spire, and smash it against a nearby wall. 
Take the two pieces and toss them onto the blue part of the wall.  Grapple up 
to the second one, you should see a grapple point.  Hop across, unlock the 
door, and head inside. Smash the chain, head back outside.

Head left down the cliff and onto the elevator. Use it to go up. Now head left,
and start climbing up. Before you is the next Master Chef... I mean Master 
Monster. Ehm. Proceed when ready.

The Old Note is to the right. You begin by being on the back of a giant 
scorpion with the flesh right in front of you.  But it goes up and climbs a 
wall, better run, because it's gonna try to squish you.  Then it starts 
pooping out rocks, you have to try to grab the rocks and throw them at the 
legs. Once one leg is frozen, climb up and aim for the side of the tail that 
is frozen, grapple up, and let go, the flesh is yours. Not so much a tough 
boss, just time consuming.  Meet you at the next Tower.

Torrent Peak					     **wktp**

Three chains again.  Only one way to go, that's the back, let's go.

Upon entering we have another water wheel, yay... not.  Go to the back of the 
room, hit the switch. Now grapple across. Head left, and grapple up the water 
wheel.  There is also a grapple spot to get you to the ledge. So grapple across
and open the chest, and then go through the door.

From here you can see over to the right, that you can climb down, so grapple 
across and start going down.  Head into the door on the left.

Go around the corner and into the next door.

Here we have a new type of beastie, don't get discouraged. Take em out, 
grappled across then go through the door on the left.

Switch on the right pull it, grapple across. hit the switch grapple across, 
then go around the giant water wheel again. Head up, go through the 
left door again.

Instead of going down, we're going up.  There is a ledge just above the door, 
grapple to it. Continue going up, ignore the ledge.  Once you're at the top, 
there is a door, enter.

In this room, we head right and around the water gate lever. Pull the other 
side, release the lever when it is close to the grapple point by the first 
chain door. Head back through the door we came in, and head back down the wall 
then continue to go down past the door.  Enter the door on the ground floor.

Go around the corner, go through the door, grapple across. Go through other 
door. Grapple across, but then when you get to the wheel, start going up. 
Once you're at the grapple point, jump on to the land, and head into the door 
on the left.

Head over to the right side, unlock the door, and destroy the lock. Head out, 
then into the middle door way.

Head up the hallway to the next door.

Then head right to the other door.

Go to the water gate level, we need to move the wheel. Once there, just 
move it a tiny bit. So we can get to the next chain. Head back down the wall, 
and go out the first door. Head over to the right, then down to the single 
door, then down the hallway to the other only door.

From here, head left out the door.

From here, grapple up to the next floor. Head left, unlock the door, and head 
in. Break the chain. Head out.  Now go down one floor and enter the door on 
the left. This would be the room where we scaled the wall, and went down to 
the ground floor because of the door. We're going up again, but a different 

Begin by climbing up above the door up to the next one. Then grapple to the 
right.  Grapple to the rock that is going up the waterfall, then grapple to the
rock on the left. Once you can grapple to the wall, do so. Grapple to the 
protruding pieces of rock, then climb up, and shimmy to the left. Then run 
towards the door.

In this room, go to the left side of the room, and look for a rock to
grapple too.  There will soon be another, grapple to that. Go as high as you 
want, you'll see where the last chain is, so get there however you see fit. 
When you get there unlock it and go in, break the lock, come back out.  If this
dungeon is anything like the other water one, one of the other doors 
probably leads to the Master. Which is the South West, or South East doors. 
Get to them to get to the Master. Once there, head in when ready.

The Old Note is over to the back right. So we're fighting a giant sea 
star.  Grab the plates and pull them off.  Once you find the flesh, 
it will trade spots, so you will have to continue to pull plates off.  
It will submerge itself to recuperate the missing plates. This is 
probably the only boss that actually doesn't require much skill, but 
luck. I do have to say who ever thought of the idea of let's make a 
boss of chance, with a time was a freakin dumb ass. So, good luck, 
collect the  flesh, I'll meet you at the next Tower.

Blazing Citadel					     **wkbc**

Oh my Darwin, that last boss was horrendous! Any ways we've got three 
chains, again. We're going to start by going right.

When all is said and done, go left, through the door.

Head up the flight of stairs, at the top of the stairs is a door. Go on through

It is dark, so be careful. Go north but bring some light. There is a space, 
then a platform, with a lantern. So you could brighten things up around here 
if need be. After this platform there is another space with another  platform.
But we need to get to the platform with the bon fire on it. There are some 
grapple points around here, without light, they are pretty hard to see. So get
there.  Then follow the chain towards the back, climb the giant crates, then go
through the door.

Follow the chain around and head into the nearby door.

After the little encounter, unlock the door destroy the first chain, then back 
track to the dark room. There is a door on the right of the bon fire head 

On this side of that door, there is some steam pipes, you can plug em up with 
your chain, or you can wait for them to stop blow, either way, you need to get 
to that cog. Activating the cog will make some grapple points appear above 
you, hurry to the grapple points and grapple up there. Once up there, go 
ahead and head through the nearby door.

Head north, and climb straight up, then go off the edge to the right. Across 
the rock, cross the grapple point, then grapple to the right. Climb up, then 
climb up the riggin there on the right. Jump to the left for a cog that will 
get rid of the flame wall below.  Now hurry, there is a ladder that leads 
straight down, drop on down, then time it right so you can run past the fire 
wall's spot before the timer. Take out the beastie, then unlock the door, 
head in break the chain, and then back tack to the floating magma rocks.

Once here, go across the floating magma rocks, then grapple to the ladder, 
then up on this platform, grapple to the grapple point. There is a broken 
ladder just to the left of you, grapple there, and climb up.  Head over to the 
other side of the steam pipe, there is a ladder, head down, and the chain that 
needs to be destroyed is just on the other side of that magma flow. Use the 
cog next to you to extinguish the flame wall on the other side. Now, you're 
going to have to climb back up the ladder, go to the other side of the steam 
pipe, use the grapple point again, what I did was grapple to the nearby 
ladder, climb up the ladder, head left on to the platform, past the steam pipe,
grapple to the grapple point on the left, then drop and run past the fire wall 
mark before the timer runs out. Then unlock the door, head in destroy the 
chain, and come back out. Once back out, you can slide of the edge onto the 
platform that is in the lava. Follow the platform, get back up by the steam 
pipe that is above the cog. Grapple over to the other side by the door, the 
grapple point is just to the right of the door, and head through the door.

There are four grapple points headed north, proceed with caution.  There are 
steam pipes and a lava flow. Once to the destination, there is a cog there. 
pull the cog, it stops the steam on the highest grapple point. Grapple to the 
nearest one, then to the ladder to the left.  You're going to have to 
alternate between the two because of the lava flows.  Once on top, we are at 
the Master himself.  When ready, head on in.

We see our enemy flying a circle in the sky, this guy must be really bored. 
The Old Note is towards the the back left. The creature will have weird 
looking flowers around it. You can't hit the flesh with this things around it,
aim for one when it opens, and destroy it.  But be careful, it'll throw a fire 
tornado at you when you're trying to rip it's flesh out. It will fly to try to 
dive bomb you as well.  Be on your toes and dodge when necessary. When things 
get serious, it changes it's attack, rare does it send the flower like things 
at you in a slow fashion. When it begins to do it's like circle dance with the 
flowers, you can pick them off in that. When all is said and done.  I'll meet 
you at the next tower.

Truegold Tower					     **wktg**

So, I guess once you go down the path of drugs, you can't go back... GTA for 
the DS, now this? She's clearly addicted now. Nintendo feeding  subliminal 
messages to the boys and girls across the globe since the 1980's. Last of the 
Twelve Masters right here, let's get this done.  There is four chains, that's 
right, count em, four chains.  Apparently going back to two is out of the 
question as well... Anyways, head through the door in the back.

Now we have a demented hive from hell, and what looks like metal bees. You 
can slice at the bees, and use the chain to pulls parts of the hive apart. Once
defeated continue climbing the crates where the hive was till you get to a 
platform. Then hit the switch. Wait till there is two grapple point in front of
you so that you can grapple across. But make sure that second one is over the 
platform. Once across, head over to the vertical grapple point. Ride it on up. 
There is a book to the north a door to the left, and a grapple point to the 
south.  Head south after you've collected the book and ride the grapple point 
up.  Hit the amber like substance, then head down.  Head towards the door.

Head north till you see the chain going down into the ground. There is a 
couple of grapple points here, head on down. Follow the chain to the right 
and go through the door.

Go by the switch, and look at the two grapple points below you, make sure 
the one farthest away is over the platform. Run towards the back wall, and go 
left and hit the switch.  Then go to the right, and activate the grapple points
again. Run back across to the switch, and then grapple away. Unlock the door, 
head in, destroy the chain, and come back out. Go ahead and hit the switch to 
make the grapple points go the original way, and back track. Once by the 
door, grapple to the grapple point going up on the right side fo the screen. 
Once up, head south, take the grapple point going up, all the way up. Head 
north, and follow the chain down. It'll lead you straight to the next chain. So
unlock it, head in, and destroy it.  There is a piece of amber on the far edge 
of the screen on the right after you come out, or before you go in.  Hit the 
switch it'll get the ball rollin. Go across the hall from the door with the 
chain, to another door. Head in.

Follow the chain down, now find the broken ladder, climb up and head to the 
end of the platform where you will find a statue. Pull the rusted platform out 
of the wall, and bind it to the statue. Head back and get across by the other 
platforms and go over the rusted one. Once on the stable platform on the 
left, head up. Grapple the switch and yank it.  Walk across and up the stairs. 
Follow the chain, it'll take you to your next chain that you must destroy. So 
after you have done that head back the way you came.  One more chain, and 
we can see it over on the left. Stand on the platform that was brought over by 
hitting the switch, then hit the switch again to make it move back, be sure to 
be on it though. Climb the ladder, move swiftly across the moving platforms.  
Attach to the moving grapple point, then there will be another on the right.  
It'll take you to a switch, hit the switch. Now hop down, and attach to that 
grapple point. Drop when you get over the edge that has the chain going 
through it.  Then follow the chain to the last one. Now head back up the 
ladder, bind the rusty platform, summon the other platform, ride it over, get 
over on the right, then head right.  There is two rusty platforms here. The 
trick is to hop on the right one, and bind the left one. Pull them both out, 
make sure you give yourself some time to get on the right one, bind the second 
one, and head on up the rusty platform.  Once you've climbed up, head to the 
end of the hall on the right, there a door awaits you.

There is a book in the corner about the Truegold Master, then head up stairs. 
Head into the door at the top of the stairs.

Here we are, at the door to the Master, hopefully we didn't create a monster 
flesh addicting girl. Proceed when ready.

Old Note is over to the left.  Throw the chain on the front of the monster and 
pull.  Then pull the various "levers" that are on top this guy to try to get 
the flesh in the new opening. Then pull on it to get things rolling. Hopefully 
during this process you've learned how to make it work.  Because while 
dodging his attacks, you have to pull the "levers" to get the flesh into the 
opening. It will begin to systematically release its foot holds to jump.  Once 
they are all released, it jumps, resetting any progress you made. When it 
begins to get serious, when it jumps it'll make purple spikes appear. You can 
now rotate the bottom portion of our friend here. Once done I'll meet you at 
the next Tower.

Dawn Tower & Dusk Tower				     **wkdt**

Here we are, Dawn Tower, four chains, let's begin.  Take the door in the back.

Here we go to the left, there are a couple of grapple points, grapple up and 
begin to climb up and over the ledge, door on the left.

Head up the steps, towards the door.

If you go through the glowy purple spot, you are transported, to the Dusk 
tower. Head north to the other glowy spot. Once back, continue down the 
path towards the door.

In this room head into the glowy spot. Head into the corner and collect a 
shade stone. Run back to the glowy spot, then grapple up to the ladder. Be 
sure to select the shade stone and use it on the purple bit.  You'll be 
transported to Dusk Tower again. Follow the chain and break it.  After that's 
done, head left through the door, you'll find a glowy spot go through, come 
out, and break the same chain the Dawn Tower. Then head over to the right, 
and grapple on up to the platform. Head into the nearby door.

Follow the chain to the next door.

Step into the into the glowy light. Looks like we got some competition over 
here in the Dawn Tower.  Take em out. Once done, head up to the door up 

Head over the edge and into the glowy spot. Collect the shade stones, then 
grapple up to the top, dodge the glowy spots, until you're over the bridge. 
Head into the glowy spot. Head right, and go through the door.

Follow the chain through the doors. Once you're in the room with the glowy 
spot, use a shade stone on it. There is a spot in the back you can climb. Just
as we're getting ready to unlock the door, we now have an adversary here in the
Dusk realm.  How quaint.  Deal with it. Unlock the door, break the chain, head 
back out, head right, use a light stone, use the grapple point, unlock the door
again, and break the chain. Head out the door, and go north past the first door
and into the second.

In here there is a glowy spot that needs some love.  So give it a shade stone,
once in the Dusk Tower, head up the broken ladder and through the door.

Another spot that needs some love. Once on the other side, head through the 

Hit the ladder, and go down, head out the door head right. Enter the first 
door. Pass the glowy into the next door. Hop down and through the door. 
Enter the last door on the right.  There is a grapple point on the upper right
side. Go in, break the chain.

Down the hall way there is a circle imprinted in the floor, use a shade stone 
there, you'll be transplanted to the Dusk Tower, and you will fall. Once 
you've landed, you will be at  the third lock. Now head back to the Dawn Tower,
and back track to the bridge, head out the door on the left.

Up the stair case to the next door.

This is the door for the boss man, but we need one more chain, go through 
the door, use a Shade stone, a portal will appear, but you can't reach it. A 
little further down are some grapple points.  Swing into the portal. Once 
inside you can unlock the Master Door for the Dusk side of things. Use a stone 
for the light side in here to get to the light side again, and unlock the 
Master there too.

Once out head to the portal to be in the Dawn Tower, and head into the 
Master Monster door.

The flesh is there, the Old Notes were outside of this room. The creature 
tossed something, that struck the ground, looks like we can bind this thing. 
But!?  What's this?  You're outside the Dusk Tower Master Door now? Get in 
there and tear them up! The shit has hit the fan, take the opposing blade of 
whom ever you're going after, and swing it at them. But you don't need to do 
this every time, just when they are covering the flesh. Not the hardest thing.  
Dodge, and rip the flesh out. After all is said and done, it doesn't matter 
which door you head out.

Observatory					     **wkob**

Well if you didn't see this coming, you're a moron. So, like the previous 
Masters, where she has a "flesh point", strike and dodge. She has two fleshes.  
You must eliminate them. Once done, you've won, congratulations.

New Game +					     **neg+**

That's right, if you loved this game, you can play it again with all the items 
and the level you have obtained.  So you can upgrade your weapons all the way, 
and unlock all the endings. Have fun!

Credits                                		     **crdt**

- I'd like to thank Gamefaqs.com for posting my walkthrough. 
- I'd also like to thank my wonderful fiancÚ, for helping type some of this 
while I was going through the game.

Legal Information                      		     **llin**

Any stealing, selling for a profit, or alteration of this document in any 
shape way and or form (without authors consent) is illegal and prohibited.  
If you wish to post this guide your free to email me at the email address 
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trade mark of Nintendo. I am not affiliated with Nintendo in any shape, 
way, and or form.