Question from WaveRipper2010

Where can I find Slam Bam and Sunburns Soul Gem?

I have all the pothers but I can't find these 2. Where are they? Thx for your time again.

WaveRipper2010 provided additional details:

Thank you friend. :-)


Rossmacdaddy answered:

I thought it would be obvious but...

Slam Bam - Empire of Ice
Sunburn - Dragon's Peak (unreleased)
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flamesliner459 answered:

If you dont have empire of ice or dragons peak dont bother looking there in those levels so either buy them or stop looking.

[ skylanders, battle companions or wallet eaters ]
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Harvmoonmaniac answered:

The Soul Gems for Terrafin, Sunburn, Ghost Roaster, and Sunburn are found in the levels unlocked by the Adventure Pack that Skylander is included in.
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