Question from LukeLangley

How do I beat Daniel Bryan?

I cant beat Daniel Bryan on Elimination Chamber as Sheamus on Road to Wrestlemania

Any tips or cheats


RideWarrior9 answered:

Take him outside the ring and irish wip him into the wall and pods. Or right before he comes out, taunt to get a signature, then use the signature and the hit him the super finisher (High Cross is better). If that doesnt work, then just use the running double axe handle!
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machinimarevolt answered:

Well you should try to put the difuculty to easy then just try and hurt him in the macth now i play on xbox360 but i have played on the wii and there is hardley any difference just harm him in the macth and you should hit your finisher about twice and pin.
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bigbarnacle answered:

Beat him on the outside of the ring. In between the pods.
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