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Asked: 3 years ago

How do I solve elimination chamber?

Can't seem to eliminate people in under a minute. I can beat the miz sometimes, but that's it. Any tips other than keep trying?

Additional details - 3 years ago

I just got by Daniel, but then failed with R-Truth, LOL. Well, I'll get him sooner or later. I knew about following the instructions, I have Raw VS Smackdown 2011. Some of the ones there are hard too. Didn't know about the manual targeting though. Thanks for the help.

Additional details - 3 years ago

ROTFLAMO..........................Got by it within a few minutes of my last post. :)

Thanks again.

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After the Miz, its Daniel Bryan, but his requires you to beat him outside the ring, not in it. Basically, try to set your targeting on manual, so you can pick who to attack specifically, and make sure to follow the instructions very closely. Just keep beating them until you see the button telling you to activate the scenario, but it is very important that you read the instruction and focus on that wrestler.

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Just store your finisher, and use sheamus brogue kick.

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