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Asked: 3 years ago

Snow Resort, What are the 4 great performances?

I found 2 of them, Cosmo area, juming through snake mouth openings?

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Up the is path where snowman building is. There will be a ramp and three houses after that jump over the houses with the ramp and you get a great performence. I don't know the last one.

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Have a look in the FAQ section, I added a FAQ that explains all of the Great Performances for each resort.

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Where are the great performences in the snow resort, i have done everything people have said over and over again and i cant get the 3 one i have the other 3?

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You have to go to cooritokus village and youll see a ramp of snow facing three houses jump over the houses without touching them to get a great performace.for the second great performance you have to go to the begining of fox roost and dancing frog then turn the other way youll see a small village then go to the village and after you go behind the first hotel go right youll see a snow tube over there then go straight and jump through a suns mouth, hes called mr. Sun it might be more fun on a snow tube.

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