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Balloon Messages

A complete list of all the hint balloon messages.


  1. Treasure Hunt : Rumor has it each resort holds seven treasure chests, each with a fun outfit found inside!
  2. A Word from the Skipping Crew : When you're happy and you know it... skip! All it takes is a simple shake of the Wii remote as you walk and you'll be on your way!
  3. Souvenir Photos : Try looking for a photo spot to take souvenir photos, and find them all!
  4. The Secret Whistle : Luck you for picking up this message! Now I'll tell you how to whistle. Just stand in place and press 1 on the Wii Remote!
  5. "How To Play" : Check out the "HOW TO PLAY" part of the activities before you play them! They'll tell you the basic controls as well as how to get a leg up on your opponent!
  6. Fun Gestures : The key to good communication is a friendly "hello!". Just stand in place and press arrows to make a fun gesture!
  7. Balls : Each resort has a very special ball, just for you! It's up to you how you decide to play with it! They also each have a secret surprise!
  8. Wall Art : Wall art if hung in your villa. The framed photos will change each time you visit, so be sure to check them out!
  9. Silver & Gold Keys : You'll receive a key whenever you clear an activity or complete a challenge. Keys can be used on Item Boxes in Remodeling to unlock new furniture and Villa Types!
  10. The Masked Jumping Man : Have I got a secret for you! If you jump at the very edge of a wave or platform, you'll jump even higher than usual. Definitely use it when you plan on doing a trick!
  11. Play Style Guide : You can control whether or not the Play Style Guide appears whenever you change the color and design of your Gear. For more information, check the message displayed at the bottom of the Gear Selection Screen!
  12. Presents : Once you complete certain activities, you'll get presents like trophies! show off your collection by decorating your villa with them!
  13. Super Techniques : A pre-jump is an advanced move where you jump clear over the platform to keep from losing speed. Use this super technique to shave milliseconds off your time!
  14. Memo: Changing Strengths : * Beach Volley ball, Table Hockey, Tennis, Sword Fighting * Free Play (Duel) * Confirm Play Style screen * 1 / 2: Power-up/power-down opponents
  15. Trick Maker : Pull off a trick combo at the Marine or City Resort and see what happens...

Marine Guide

  1. Crystal World : According to ancient texts discovered in te ruins, the wy to the Crystal World is to head beyond the wall and towards a fissure in the earth.
  2. A Hero;s Trial : A cliff with a legendary sword jutting out from it. Those who can take the plunge from there are said to have a hero's sole.
  3. Scuba Diving : Fish Sighting 1: Near the Galaxy Garden in Merry Bay, you can see the elusive Ocerraris Clownfish. They usually come in orange, but this one's a totally different color!
  4. Scuba Diving : Fish Sighting 2: On the ocean floor, just before the Drift Point that flows at Tidal Wave Sea, you may spot a rare red and white marine animal walking along the sand. Try to look closely!
  5. Scuba Diving : Fish Sighting 3: Head straight from the Sand Bank at Rocky Ridge Cove, after where the sharks hang out, and look for a cloud of sand coming from a depression on the ocean floor. There may be something living inside.
  6. Scuba Diving : Fish Sighting 4: Swim along the ocean bottom at Rocky Ridge Cove's White Garden to see a creature darting in and out of the sandy floor. Make sure you zoom in close with your camera to capture a shot of it!
  7. Scuba Diving : Fish Sighting 5: Near Rocky Ridge Cove's Mermaid, you can spy a mother beluga and her calf! They say the calf is a slightly different color from its mother.
  8. Scuba Diving : Fish Sighting 6: In the Ocean Grave at the floor of Mystery Sea, and at the edge of the Dragon's Nest current, you'll spy tiny creatures glowing fluorescent blue! They're easier to make out in the dark.
  9. Diving Chart Overview : The Overview pages of the Diving Chart are divided up by Diving Spot: 1~12: Merry Bay, 13~21: Tidal Wave Sea, 22~31: Rocky Ridge Cove, 32~40: Mystery Sea
  10. Scuba Diving: Ocean Currents : You need a high enough diving level in order to pass through sea currents head-on, but you may still be able to pass through the tops and bottoms of them which aren't as strong!
  11. ATV Master : Two massive boulders look out across the sea. If you're able to jump over the gap that lies between them, you'll be considered a true ATV master!
  12. Happy Stone : According to the island folk, the U-shapped Happy Stone at Merry Bay is said to bring happiness to those who pass over it.
  13. Mysterious Jumping Platform : A river runs through the center of the peninsula, with a platform that enables you to jump to the other side. Who built such a thing, and why?
  14. Marine Bike Queen : It's said that a female rider known as the Marine Bike Queen succeeded in jumping clean over the bridge in front of the giant waterfall.

City Guide

  1. Secret Spot : A sparkling, colorful, cheerful floor! Something good is bound to take place here!
  2. Sighting : Hey! You know the strange round-shaped building with the road of car engines coming from inside? It also has a diving board-looking thing on its rooftop! Wonder what that's used for.
  3. Whale : You see that whale there? Jump onto it and prove to everyone what you're made of!
  4. A Word from the Lady : Now, if only someone would show me an impressive performance by jumping over the water fountain found in the shopping mall area.
  5. Super Skaters : There are people called Super Skaters in this city. You'll see them zipping out of the hotel with a skateboard sticking out of it, and jumping over the Skate Park gate.

Snow Guide

  1. Entrance to the Underground World : A huge underground world has recently been discovered at the resort, but the tourist bureau is trying to close off the entrance because it's too dangerous.
  2. Dare : This is a dare thought up by the local children! Try and jump from the sharp cliff in Sunflower Area... if you can.
  3. Flag Posts : Famous skiers and snowboarders who grew up in the Snow Resort all honed their skills between flag posts.
  4. Secret Code : Just before the loading screen of the Snow Resort... C + Z + up or down : Sunny, C + Z + left : Cloudy, C + Z + right : Stormy
  5. Mr. Sun : Fans of the Snow resort always make sure to say hello to Mr. Sun.
  6. Challenge : Here's a message from the folks of Coritookus Village: Think you can jump over three buildings using the ramp?
  7. Rock Hoping : Hop from one rock to another in the Cosmos Area to impress spectators!
  8. Rocks : Legendary skiers and snowboarders are said to have cleared the rocks that lie between the Rose and Daisy Areas.

Mountain Guide

  1. Ancient Church : The white building atop the small hill is a church built over 100 years ago. If you visit it, someone will ring the bell for you.
  2. Cheat: Machine Gun Mode : Hold down B to shoot like a machine gun! While on the Mode Selection screen: Press 1 3 times to turn on the feature! Press 2 3 times to turn it off!
  3. Secret Escape : The ancient king that used to reside in the Mountain Resort castle built himself a secret path to slip out unnoticed!
  4. Carpool Campaign : Share your ride with someone special.
  5. Traditional Festival : A traditional island festival that consists of leaping off the Otti Mcrae Falls.
  6. Sea Captain's Message : I strictly prohibit off-road cars on my ship, the SS Eleanor. However, I'm willing to make an exception for anyone daring enough to jump directly onboard.
  7. Cowboy Monthly's Article : Your next challenge is to jump from the one roof to another between 3 buildings near the tunnel! Aim for the buildings with the chimney!
  8. Secret Play : I made this ramp without my mother knowing. People started copying me when I started jumping over the house! I'd better make sure she doesn't find out or I'll really be in for it!
  9. Fairy's Guidance :The bumps of the Mountain Resort are like the road bumps of human life. If you can overcome these obstacles, the you will prove your strength.
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