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Great Performances

Marine Resort

  1. There's a rock in Merry bay with a hole in the middle of it. Use a jet ski to jump off the ramp through the hole to get the first great performance.
  2. Just before the waterfall in the mystic jungle, there is a small ramp. Again, use a jet ski to go over the rock and jump over the bridge in front of you.
  3. Somewhere in the Wild Hills, there should be a ramp over looking the river. Jump off the ramp, across the river to the other side to get the third great performance.
  4. In the eternal beach area, there should be two large "ramps" (they're actually rock, you'll know it when you see it). Jump across from one side to the other to get the last great performance.

Mountain Resort

  1. At the exit of the tunnel where the train goes through, jump on top of each of the three houses there using a horse.
  2. Near the para gliding you should see a very steep rock wall with lots of bumps (there is someone to talk to at the bottom of the hill). Use an off-road car to drive up the steep slope. This can be tricky but it's possible.
  3. There's a small ramp facing towards a house at Otti Mcrae train station. Use the ramp to jump over the house for the great performance. With the train station on your right, it is the second to last house.
  4. Jump on the boat that sails around Lake Trumela. Go to the castle at the edge of the lake and jump off the ramp behind it and into a small chain of islands. Go to the last island and wait for the ship to pass underneath, jump onto it with an off-road car to get the great performance.

Snow Resort

  1. In the Cosmos area there should be many large rocks, jump over each of the rocks and at the end of the rock path, you should get the great performance.
  2. To the east of the Mogul area, there should be a small path leading downward into the "sun" of the resort. Jump through its mouth to get the great performance.
  3. Go down the right slope at the mountain peak. Bear right at the next fork and look for a small path leading off to the left. Follow the path and jump from tongue to tongue on the Twin Anacondas.
  4. Go to Coritookus Village (when you first get to the Snow Resort take a right to chairlift number 2, there will be a path leading to the villagee there). Go all the way up the street until you get to The Wise Cat (a building with pink signs out front). Turn around and you will see a ramp in front of 3 houses. Use a snow mobile to jump over the three houses without touching any of them.

City Resort

  1. There is a building in the very top left corner of the map (Track & Soul Hotel). On top right corner of the building is a rail which you can use to jump up onto the "roof" of the building. Continue along the only path until you reach a ramp. Gain some speed and jump off the ramp through the gate to the Skate Park in front of you for the great performance.
  2. Jump the fountain using the planters in the shopping area.
  3. Go to the building on the top right part of the map that has many rail-like lights that you can use to get to the top of the building (pyramid shaped). On the top, there should be a small ramp leading over the edge, jump off this ramp and land on the black whale statue in the center of the soccer arena to get the great performance.
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