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Jump Off A Cliff

Instructions on how to gain the Jump Off A Cliff award at each resort.

Marine Resort

From where you start, turn left about 90 degrees. Go straight, go up one of those ramp stairs and you will end up at a dirt path. Follow it and you end up getting a bit of air. Turn left from where you land, you may have to reverse because you flew too far. Follow that and once the path opens up, make an almost immediate right. Go straight off the cliff and you get the achievement. (there should be a sword stuck in the cliff to your left).

Snow Resort

Warp to the 9th spot on the map and go down the mountain. You should be able to see the cliff between two large rocks in front of you.

Mountain Resort

Jump over Otti Mcrae Falls.

City Resort

Go to the top of the "UFO" building and jump off the blinking yellow diving board.

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