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Treasure Chest Locations

Each resort has seven treasure chests. Their locations are:

Marine Resort

  1. On the eternal beach just above the rocks you jump for the great performance on the outside rim.
  2. In front of the bungee jump and beside the jumping cliff is a small ledge that you can jump down from.
  3. In the same place as #2 is one that you need to use the ATV to jump off the ledge between the flower patches to get to on a small island.
  4. Near the windsurfing area (top left of map), go through the cave by swimming or marine bike to an open but enclosed area.
  5. Inside the ruins where the narrow passageway opens into a larger room that opens onto the outside world. Jump from rock to rock, getting higher each time, to get the chest at the top.
  6. On the left side of the big waterfalls' bridge are some trees that have fallen over. You have to walk carefully over three of them to get to the top rock ledge where the chest sits.
  7. This one is inside the pathfinder secret area and you have to swim and jump up the rocks near the end of the path before you fall down the ledge.

Snow Resort

  1. On the southwestern part of the map there should be a smaller path that leads slightly away from the main one. The treasure chest is sitting inside that path.
  2. If you look north from where you first start, you should see a large sun. Head towards the sun and there should be a small cave underneath it where the treasure chest is.
  3. In the Bear Forest, there is a house with a giant christmas tree. The treasure chest is next to the house. It's easier to see the house at night.
  4. Starting from the mountain peak follow the left most path (right most on the map) and keep hugging the left wall until you reach the cosmos area. There should be a path that strays away from the main one. You'll go into a crystal cave and later a lava themed one. The treasure chest is deep within the lava cave.
  5. From the peak, take the right most path and immediately take the left most one. Follow the path (it becomes very narrow) and jump over a gap to a cave where the treasure is.
  6. From the peak, take the right most path and keep hugging the right wall. You'll end up jumping over a small cliff, turn around and go back up the snow bank, finding a treasure chest inside a small hole in the wall.
  7. The missing one from the list above is hidden beside the hotel behind the ice fishing lake(to the right if coming down the mountain on the bottom twin anaconda trail).

City Resort

  1. On the UFO tower in the area with green / blue rails on the upper right.
  2. On top of the pyramid with the solar panels.
  3. On top of the shopping mall roofs in the lower right, you can jump onto them by a ramp off the building above it or by using the ramps in the middle of the mall by the fountain.
  4. On the top left roof of the two building together in the bottom left above the shopping is also the location of the last stage of meals on wheels.
  5. On the roof on the top left building.
  6. In sidewinder park above the circular sitting area.
  7. Ride up the rail on the rocket and continue on the rails, the rails will split and you will have a choice of jumping to a new rail or stopping on a roof, stop on the roof and look behind the wall on the roof.

Mountain Resort

  1. There is an island in the middle of the lake that you can swim or kayak to. Go around it until you find the stairs leading up.
  2. At the very top of the mountain peak where you have to take a walking path to keep going up.
  3. In the Tondeyone Ruins is a hidden path behind some bushes that you can walk through to go up the rocks in the tower.
  4. On top of the castle is a treasure chest that is also the pathfinder. Follow the ledges from the middle lake side around the turret.
  5. There is a bridge that you can fall through on the middle left of the map.
  6. About midway under Otti Mcrae Falls is a small path on the right of the waterfall that lead to ledges under the waterfall.
  7. At the very bottom of Otti Mcrae Falls is a chest. There is a walking path just off the bridge to the left.
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