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Marine Resort:

Surfing Trophy-Get the silver key in all 3 modes.

ATV Trophy- Finish every ATV race

Marine Bike Trophy- collect all silver keys at marine bike levels (races and tricks)

City Resort:

Motor Trophy-Get first place in every level of every mode of Motor Fest

Skating Trophy-Get a Rank 5 score in Park Tricks and double the required score in each level of Street Tricks( with the exception of the last stage, for that just get around 3000-3500.)

Wheel Slider Trophy-Finish all 3 stages.

Snow Resort:

Snowmobile Trophy- Finish all stages

Snowtube Trophy- Finish all snowtube races, and all bowling exercises

Ski- and snowboard races

Mountain Resort:

Equestrian Medal-Complete every level in both Sprint Race and Coin Collection.

Off-Road Trophy-Complete every level in both Open Race and Ralley Car.

Kayak Trophy- Complete every kayak level

Mermaid Statue- Collect all silver keys in marine resort

Pac-Man Statue- Collect all silver keys in city resort

Yeti Statue- Collect all silver keys in snow resort

Knight Statue- Collect all silver keys in mountain resort