Question from KillDozer123

Asked: 3 years ago

Do you HAVE to play as your Mii?

All the videos I've seen so far in what appears to be single player seem to suggest you have to play as your Mii, and can't use Mario/Dragon Quest I misunderstanding something?

Accepted Answer

From: CherryTonic 3 years ago

From what I've played, when playing alone, you play as your Mii, but when playing with friends you can play as your Mii or one of the Mario/DQ characters. I have yet to play online multiplayer, so I'm not sure.

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Submitted Answers


You can also buy costume sets for the other characters for Single player, but I haven't figure out how to unlock them for purchase, and thus don't know if they effectively let you play as another character, or just give you a Mii dressed up as another character.

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