Question from Nathbuds123

Asked: 2 years ago

What is the best way to earn Party Points?

I'm trying to unlock everything and I was wondering what seems to be the best way to earn Party Points quickly?

Accepted Answer

From: Tortus2 2 years ago

Here are some choices:

1) Complete Solo Mode and earn 1 Party Point for every Mini Star you earn, plus an added 500 Party Points for beating Story Mode.

2) Play a board in Party Mode. (Generally earns about 100+ Party Points. DK's board nets you quite a lot more, generally.

3) Perspective Mode. Completing it earns you 100 Party Points. If you find this rather simple, then I would go with this, as it is potentially the least time consuming. I personally find it hard, though.

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Best to play with friends in party as it adds yours and your mates up also

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