Question from nikijj3

How to unlock board?

Can anyone please tell me how to unlock 1 vs rival?

super_luigi16 asked for clarification:

What exactly do you mean? Because the title refers to an actual "board" whereas the second question asks about a type of minigame.

nikijj3 provided additional details:

Thank you so much for responding, this is actually my 1st time asking a question about a game..but if you go to mini games you will have 3 boards bowser jr, boss, 1 vs rival. Everytime I went to 1 vs rival it wasnt highlighted, what you need to do is pick more than 2 players I believe to have it unlock...

Accepted Answer

super_luigi16 answered:

Yep, you're right. You need to be playing with at least 3 people to have 1 vs. Rival playable in free play mode.
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