Question from LaserShark34

Asked: 2 years ago

Where can I catch the acanthodes in fishing resort wii?

I'm having trouble catching the "legendaries" and one of them is the acanthodes but I can't find it. Little help please?

Additional details - 2 years ago

Thanks everyone. I'll try it out sooner or later.

Accepted Answer

From: MarineStorm 2 years ago

You can find the Acanthodes near the dead tree right next to the Red Windmill. It is NOT found at Dua Ribu Eyelet. It has a long, sleek body that you can probably distinguish from the other fish. Be careful that you don't confuse it with Longnose Gars (the gars are much larger). I found it helpful to look at night because you can see it better.

Be patient, though! It may take some time because it is a pretty rare fish. You can also look at the Board and the FAQ for any more info if you need it.

Hope I helped!

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Check out which describes where you should fish for the Acanthodes. Some people, myself included, found it a bit south of the dead tree at the Red Windmill.

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