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Asked: 3 years ago

Split Screen Multiplayer?

I was very disappointed when i found out that call of duty black ops didn't have split screen when a

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There is no split screen mod in this version of Modern Warfare 3.

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There is no split screen and it is likely that no CoD will ever have split screen on the wii. This is due to RAM issues the wii has. It's RAM is used mostly on graphics and processing the environment, leaving there no room for split screen. If you would like a split screen FPS, I recommend Golden Eye.

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There will be no split screen probaly because the pointer can end up on the other persons side and the screens will be very small and limited.

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I think none of the games that use the Wii Sensor bar does have 1 or more players

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There is no split screen on mw3 wii because of RAM limitations.

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