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What is the best type of controller?

What is the best type of controller? i.e. wii remote+ nunchuck, classic controller, wii zapper ( if wii zapper would it be the original zapper the pistol or the shotgun)

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Vulture1a7 answered:

That depends on you, a person who uses the wii mainly will easily use the wii remote with the nunchuck. The classic controller is for people who are not used to the managing the sensor. Finally, I havent use the zapper. Also be careful cause the wii remote might cause some injuries to your hand or wrist
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qwerty17000 answered:

The wii classic controller
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SilentXwing answered:

Well i use the NunChunk when i play MW3 and it's pretty easy to use. But you should try the Classic controller pro, Usually people use it.
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wes132 answered:

The wii remote is by far the best in terms of aiming and precision. The only advantage that the CCP has over the wii remote is for sniping and shotgunning.
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bigdogman1985 answered:

I use the zapper its more like aiming with a gun true the classic remote is good but if ur not use to it or have it set up how you like it it will be a pain
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N1ckx2 answered:

Statiscally, the zapper/ wiimote is the best, but it is whatever you prefer. I can't play with the motion controls but am decent with the classic controller pro.
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bruno8787 answered:

I use the zapper but with the settings of wiimote and nunchuck and is better
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