Question from BrettVault

How do i clear the rubble without co-op?

I don't have a second and also i don't have a second wii remote so i need to know how to get past this part it's pissing me off.


atryeu answered:

Which rubble do you mean? If you are at the beginning still, and trying to unblock the train and escape the castle, the cut scene hints about the fireworks. Drag the fireworks down in front of the rubble on the track and either call (minus button) or wait for Oswald to come near you. An icon will appear above both of your heads. When it does, press the minus button and Oswald will trigger the fireworks and it will clear the tracks.

You don't need co-op to complete the game. It would probably be easier though, because Oswald's AI is rather dumb and he's always getting in the way otherwise.
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