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How do switch from Mickey to Oswald ?

Entered control room where Oswald has to use his electricity beam but I can't seem to switch from mickey to Oswald to do it I picked up Oswald controller .I wonder if it,s because I only have one controller to play the game hope not any help be great for wii system

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Thank you so much it's been a great help to me

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Thanks all for the help .

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katydiddd answered:

For power boxes, stand in front of the box, and slightly tap the MINUS button to call Oswald over. Slightly tap the MINUS button to get him to do a power burst to electrify a power box.
The key is to brighten up your TV settings, and make sure you have painted all the wires, even above the machines.
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Stevie_Roo answered:

Oswald is an non-playable character unless you have a partner to play co-op mode with. In single player, Oswald will just follow you around and do the tasks for you. Look for the little white speech bubbles when the appear above your character's heads, that means Oswald can do something... wether that be zapping something with electricity or throwing you up somewhere unreachable by yourself, etc.
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katydiddd answered:

Even playing by yourself, you will want to have a separate controller and press the button to do things as Oswald. One example is that there is a Challenge to play co-op in the castle, so you move one character and then another, to make it through. Then, press the button on the second remote to get back into single-player mode.

Another Challenge is called "CLEAR!" as in what EMTs say when using a defibrillator to revive someone. You can go into co-op mode and move Oswald away from other characters. Then, hold Mickey's controller and thin Oswald into a puddle. Quickly paint him, and you are notified that you have achieved the Challenge.

Another example is if you are in a 2-D cartoon, and didn't spin the gear so Mickey is on the left. So, Mickey is in a 2-D cartoon, and not on the path to get the film reel, but Oswald is. Simply press the button on the second remote, to play split-screen as Oswald, to jump and get the film reel. Then, press the same button to get back into single-player mode.

When trying to get to the balcony of Alice in Wonderland's house, Oswald is constantly in the way. You jump out of the ink, and land on him, which diminishes the ink you have on, and ruins your chances of achieving the task. Or, Oswald is in the way when walking to a mushroom; or Oswald jumps out of the ink and onto your head; or Oswald respawns in front of you on the bird's head, etc.

So, even as a single player, go into co-op mode and move Oswald out of the way. It is easier for me to achieve the task on half a screen, rather than to deal with Oswald. (Even then, I sometimes have to leave the area and come back, to get the items to be in sync.)
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katydiddd answered:

On the Wii, hold a second remote & nunchuck.
Press the A button to make that controller active, and light up so it will have the second blue light at the bottom light up as player #2.
Then, press the 2 button at the bottom of this second remote controller. This will split the screen, and allow the controller to control Oswald.

Oswald cannot control some things, like paint, thin, or enter doors. He can zap electricity, but, sometimes it is easier to go into single-player mode to get some electrical devices powered.
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