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How do switch from Mickey to Oswald ? 4
How do I get past large circular room at the beginning? 2
How do I get the Hidden Mickey behind Ortensia's house in Ostown? 5
How do I get Water in OsTown Fountain & Access Last 2 Cartoon Screens? 1
Why is the game loading a death screen? 4
  • Total Answered Questions: 5
Most Popular Open Questions Answers
How do I reprogram Beetleworx? 2
How do I solve gremlin kips coo coo clock quest ? 2
How do I solve the fire maze in the demon side? 4
How do I get the building in Bog Easy to be fixed? 1
How do i clear the rubble without co-op? 1
How do I get the photo of the gulch saloon to count? 2
  • Total Open Questions: 6

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