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Heroic challenges

Heroic Challenges are unlocked while getting ownership of specific Skylanders (except 4 that can be bought in-game from Auric and 5 that are unavailable in Skylanders Giants).

Only orange base Skylanders will unlock Heroic Challenge (S1 green base will not).

Different versions of the same skylander unlock the same Heroic Challenge.

Completing the challenge grants individual stat increases as follows: (S)peed +4, (A)rmor +3, (C)ritical hit +5, (E)lemental +5

All heroic challenges have been listed for completeness, including those unavailable in Giants.

#NameStat+How to unlock
1Chompy Chomp-Down(E)(Auric - Chapter 10)
2This Bomb's for You(A)(Auric - Chapter 8)
3Jump For It!(S)Wrecking Ball
4Where Art Thou, Paintings(C)Spyro
5Lair of the Giant Spiders(C)Prism Break
6Fight, Teleport, Fight!(A)Lightning Rod
7The Three Teleporters(A)Hex
8Stop, Sheep Thieves!(A)(Unavailable)
9Mining for Charms(C)Bash
10Dungeoness Creeps(C)Chop Chop
11Mining is the Key(S)Ignitor
12Mission Achomplished(A)Stump Smash
13Pod Gauntlet(E)(Unavailable)
14Time's A-Wastin'(C)Sonic Boom
15Save the Purple Chompies!(S)Drobot
16Spawner Cave(C)Terrafin
17Arachnid Antechamber(A)(Default)
18Hobson's Choice(S)Trigger Happy
19Isle of the Automatons(E)Eruptor
20You Break It, You Buy It!(S)Double Trouble
21Minefield Mishap(S)Stealth Elf
22Lobs O' Fun(C)Whirlwind
23Spell Punked!(A)(Unavailable)
24Charm Hunt(C)(Auric - Chapter 4)
25Flip the Script(A)(Auric - Dread-Yacht)
26You've Stolen My Hearts!(C)(Unavailable)
27Bombs to the Walls(E)Flameslinger
28Operation: Sheep Freedom(C)(Unavailable)
29Jailbreak!(A)Gill Grunt
30Environmentally Unfriendly(E)Drill Sergeant
31Chemical Cleanup(E)Slam Bam
32Break the Cats(A)Zap
33Flame Pirates on Ice(E)Flashwing
34Skylands Salute(A)Sprocket
35S.A.B.R.I.N.A.(S)Tree Rex
36The Sky is Falling(C)Pop Fizz
37Nort's Winter Classic(A)Jet-Vac
38Break the Fakes!(S)Eye-Brawl
39Baking with Batterson(A)Shroomboom
40Blobber's Folly(E)Bouncer
41Delivery Day(S)Fright Rider
42Give a Hoot(S)Crusher
43Zombie Dance Party(C)Cynder
44Shepherd's Pie(S)Zook
45Watermelon's Eleven(E)Hot Head
46A Real Goat Getter(A)Hot Dog
47Wooly Bullies(C)Ninjini
48The Great Pancake Slalom(S)Chill
49Shoot First, Shoot Later(C)Swarm
50The King's Breech(A)Thumpback
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