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How to throw mankind off the top of cell?

how to throw mankind off the top of cell in attitude era brothers of destruction . What are the keys ?

shank9717 provided additional details:

I tried doing that . He simply grapples him and does one of the grapple moves .Do we have to press any other button other than the grapple button ?


ptrgiese answered:

It's simple. You have to throw Mankind to the right of the cage, with an Irish Whip, or just pummel him towards the edge, and then grapple him, so you can throw him off. Make sure he's at the edge.
If Mankind throws YOU, however, then the objective has failed.
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Cebollino answered:

When you grapple him on the edge of the cell you have to do right + grapple to throw him off the cell and through the table.
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lethalgamer316 answered:

Irish whip him on the edge of the cell then grapple him
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