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Where can I find all 3 Green Stars?


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What galaxies

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How do you get Buoy Base Galaxy?

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romeo777 answered:

In Buoy Base, Dusty Dune and Battlerock galaxies.

In Buoy Base Galaxy, use a Torpedo Ted to destroy a glass surrounding a warp pipe to underside of Buoy Base, the Green Star is inside of a glass dome, let a Bullet Bill destroy it.

In Dusty Dune Galaxy, go to mission 2 (Blasting through the Sand). You'll need to feed a Hungry Luma on a second planet with 20 Star Bits. After you do, Luma will transform into a pyramid planet, use pink launch star to fly inside. Collect 5 Silver Stars in the crystals. (To get through the pyramid, walk on the green switches to move the sand up or down. Walk carefully so you don't get sandwiched between walls). When you collect all 5 silver stars, the sand will be gone and a Green Star will be formed.

When Luigi sends you a letter with a photo where he's stuck under the saucer, it's time to get from him a Green Star in Battlerock Galaxy. Choose a Mission 1, Battlerock Barrage. Ride the saucer to the end and have a Bullet Bill destroy a glass cage underneath the same saucer where you got a first Star in this galaxy. After you set Luigi free, he'll give you a Green Star.
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DragonoidDelta answered:

In Dusty Dune Galaxy, Buoy Base Galaxy and Honeybee Galaxy.

Dusty Dune Galaxy's Green Star is in the pyramid, a 5 Silver Star Challenge is required.
Buoy Base Galaxy's Green Star is outside of the Base, a Secret Passage revelation is required.
Honeybee Galaxy' Green Star is on a character, a Luigi Hide-and-Seek Quest is required.

Hint: Buoy Base Galaxy Star: Use the Bullet Bill as crasher on glassdomes where there's a Warp Pipe.
Hint: Honeybee Galaxy Star: Luigi is on a tree, you can jump on him or flight (with Mario Bee).

Hope that helps
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