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How many power stars are there?

How many power stars are there in the whole game. Just wondering how much work am I going to have to do.

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Justeazy answered:

121/242, depending on how you count it.

You only need sixty Power Stars in order to challange Bowser to complete the game. Six of these required are Grand Stars, gotten mostly through the boss galaxies. Three of the total ammount of stars are green stars, and one is a red star. The rest are regular power stars gotten by completing the assigned (or hidden) missions in any galaxy, or the comets.

When you beat Bowser, you can have a MAXIMUM of 104 before the first time you fight him. Defeating him gets you your 105th, and then 15 more stars become avaliable. After earning all of those, beat Bowser again to unlock Luigi, and earn all 120 again to gain access to the "Grand Finale" galaxy, and your 121st star. (Since you do everything again with Luigi, some count it as 242.)

Hope this helps.
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