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How do I get past (Honeyhive cosmic mario race?)

I 'm having a little trouble with this..I wacthed a few videos. I know how to boost, but I would also like to know if you can do a certain thing From what I saw in the honeyhive cosmic luigi race, theres a shortcut if you stand on the fence and jump directly down to where the patches of ground is. Can someone please tell me if you can take this shortcut in the cosmic mario race?

Please answer me asap. Thanks in advance!

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RevenantThings answered:

You should be able to, but it may take you a while to perfect it. You will be better off just trying normally. Make use of long jumping on that first stretch down hill, then quickly position yourself for a backward jump. Keep long jumping the rest of the way and you'll eventually get it.
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rousekids answered:

long jump [if you don't no haw,look at this] run,pres X,jump
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rousekids answered:

long jump up the 1st hill tell you get to the tunnel, long jump over, wen you get to
the hole long jump to the ramp then wen you get to the two jumps avoid the hunny and jump then RUNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!
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