Question from rousekids

What is the best strategy for beating last bowser level with not dieing?

I die a LOT of times wen I try that level

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Darkmintskin asked for clarification:

What part are you having trouble with, the level or the fight itself?


jacksmaal answered:

On the first planet try to run and when he is a rock wait till u see his head then spin.
N3 run when he attacks you and when he go on blue thing
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TheMuffinMan answered:

I survived by keeping all of my health. Collect coins, find mushrooms. In my opinion, the lava/bullet bill part of the level is the hardest part. If you can get past that in one try, you're good. (There are coins in the Bowser statues) If you just need to beat the Bowser battle:
Spin him on the head when he turns into a rock on the first planet.
Use the ballsack trees before he tries to attack on the second planet.
Just do what you do on normal Bowser levels on the last.
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