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How do I complete a galaxy?

I've noticed that after I get the final star in some galaxies it will say, "Galaxy Complete!" Other times it will not. A crown will also appear next to the name of the galaxy. What makes a galaxy complete?

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Yosher answered:

They will be complete once you get all the stars available in the galaxy.

Each galaxy has 3 stars once you get them all, right? Well there's also a hidden star hidden in every galaxy. When you get the 3 main stars, go back to the galaxy, and when you select a star, there should be a questionmark in a speach bubble-thingy above one star. There's a secret star to be found there, but it's your job to find it.

Then you have Prankster Comets, who will become available after you have enough stars. These comets appear randomly at a galaxy you've already obtained stars at, and when you go to that galaxy, you can only select the Prankster Comet star.
When you beat the final boss, another type of Prankster Comet becomes available, which will be the last obtainable star for most galaxies. So you won't be able to fully complete every galaxy until you defeat the final boss.

Note that those rules only apply for the main galaxies. There's also those galaxies with only one star (which are more sub-galaxies) in every dome. I believe there's 2 of them in all the domes. Then there's also the Hungry Luma galaxies, which also have one star. These can all be completed right after you unlock them, if you have the skill to complete them that is.

Hope this answers your question.
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