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Asked: 4 years ago

How can I get my 2nd wii remote to activate to use it to help my 5 year old play the game? Ive tried everything!

I have tried getiing the second remote to activate at the beginning and also during mid play. It will not work ethier way. Getting frustrated becasue I would like to assist my % year while he is playing.

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From: Justeazy 4 years ago

Your second remote isn't actually a player. (That's what Firestar's saying.)

First, make sure you have fresh batteries in both remotes, and that they are both synched up.
When playing, simply press (A) on your second remote.
(WARNING: If it's your master it'll take control where the first Wii Remote left off (older Wii's' original Wii Remote takes 1st Player by default).)
When the battery lights stop flashing, it should be solid on player 2. Then, you can point at Star Bits to collect them also, you can press (A) on enemies to stun them, and you can press (A) on Mario to help him jump.

Also, you can activate the second Wii Remote at anytime, from the title screen (Press (A) and [B] to start.) To anytime mid-game.

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Do you mean that it will not turn on, or that you don't have a character model?

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The instructions to sync the remotes should be in the Wii Owner's Manual. It sounds to me like that's your problem.

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Make sure you sink the remote with the wii console first, take off the battery cover and you'll see a red button, the wii console also has a red buton under the SD card plate. Click them at the same time to sink the remote to the console(you have to sink the remote to the console to use it with certain games).

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Your Wii Remote should be synced to Player 2 automatically. You just need to point at the screen, and when you see the yellow cursor, press "A". Just make sure you have battery power.

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it's not a Player your 5-year-old is playing. He/she's just a pointer (yellow star, you're the blue star) that can help you collect star bits, stop enemies, etc.
the remote should be connected anytime you're playing. If it isn't, look in the Wii Operations Manuel.

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