Question from Farstar1234

Asked: 5 years ago

Freezeflame Galaxy Hidden Star?

I cannot get Mario to jump up from the ice platforms to the Jump Star - not enough time to get there and then not enough boost to get him above the Green Mushroom. I've tried to backflip and high jump but just can't get him to reach the star. Any suggestions, please?

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From: romeo777 5 years ago

You need to do the Triple Jump to reach the ledge with sling star. Run from left and jump to a water jet (as Ice Mario), then to another one (keep moving right), and you'll be able to perform the Triple Jump to the ledge mentioned above. Hope this helps!

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Yeah, that should work, I had trouble too. it's just one of those hard things you have to learn ;)

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An easier way to do it is with a U-Jump/Wall-kick/spn combo, a technique used to replicate the triple jump in such areas. U-jump onto the wall (run the other way and turn and jump at the same time), wall kic, while holding the analogue stick towards the wall, and spin, giving yourself the extra boost needed to get onto the platform. It's easier than the triple jump method.

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