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Unanswered Questions

Level Help Answers
How do I get past 3 (but no water level) green star levels? 0
How do I get past (perple comits)? 1
How do I get past Gold Leaf Galaxy: Cosmic Luigi Race? 2
How do I get past melty moiln ball mishin [ball part]? 2
How Do I Slow My Ball Down In Melty Molten Galaxy? 2
How do you get past the timed missions where you have to get the purple coins? 2
Any secrets to beating the penguin race level? 6
Any strategies for cosmic Luigi races? 2
Beatel? 2
Bubble Blaster?? 1
Freezeflame Galaxy Hidden Star? 3
How do I clean out all of the garbage in batterock galaxy in just 30 seconds? 4
How do I get into the launching star right after the torpedo in Revenge of the Topman Tribe? 2
How do I get past (Dino Piranha)? 2
How do I get past (Honeyhive cosmic mario race?) 3
How do I get past (melty molten dardevil run)? 3
How do I get past BEACH bowl galaxy? 3
How do I get past Bowser Jr.'s Robot Reactor? 1
How do I get past Buoy Base Galaxy? 1
How do I get past Dreadnaught galaxy? 3
How do I get past Guppy and the Underground Lake in order to reveal the Boo in the Box Hidden Star? 1
How do I get past Honey Hive Galaxy? 1
How do I get past Some levels? 1
How do I get past the orange star launcher in 'A Snack of Cosmic Proportions? 2
How do I get past Topmaniac and the Topman Tribe? 7
How do I get past Toytime purple coins? 1
How do I get past trouble in the tower? 1
How do I get past yellow star? 4
How do I get purple comet in orbit stars to appear? 1
How do I get the last green star? 3
How do I get the purple coins in toy time galaxy off of Lugi? 5
How do I getting the purple coins in Dusty Dune Galaxy? 6
How do i unlock bonefin galaxy with luigi? 1
How do you get to the galaxy that pops up when you get that last star? 6
How do you unlock Bonefin galaxy? 2
Hurry Scurry Galaxy Problem?? 2
I need help saving luigi in good egg galaxy? 1
I need help saving Luigi? 3
I'm on good egg galaxy a snack of cosmic porportions and I cant figure out what to do on the star shaped planet? 3
In Good Egg Galaxy ?(A snack of cosmic proportions) 1
Is this a glitch??? 3
N e suggestions on how to get the purple coins in Luigi's Purple coins? 3
Need help with purple coins in the bone pen? 4
Odd Star bit formation? (Rolling Gizmo Galaxy) 1
Sling Stars? (Loopdeeswoop Galaxy) 2
Underground Ghost Ship? 1
What and where is Rosalina's library? 1
What is the hub????? 3
What is the second way to beat the first level in the bee hive galaxy? 2
Where are the 2 green stars other than the one found by Luigi located? 3
Other Help Answers
Why is this game so challenging? 1
Any way to get the two Pictures the game has to offer if one deleted the mail that came with by mistake? 2
Ball rolling minigame and surfing minigame????? 5
Can i play Yoshi in this game? 3
Can you give me the invisabilaty cheat? 3
Can you save the game if you are in the middle of a galaxy? 1
Changing the shaking? 2
Do you get to be bowser in this game because i saw something on the board about it but im not sure thats what it meant? 3
DS version? 1
Final galaxy? 1
Final level? 1
Green Lumas? 4
Hardest star? 2
How do I complete a galaxy? 1
How do i get luigi? 1
How do I get the flight star in the main place? 2
How do ya get this? 1
How do you do this thing? 1
How do you get Super Luigi Galaxy so confused...? 1
How do you get the 121st star? 4
How do you get the red luma to tell you his secret? 3
How many power stars are there? 1
How many save slots are there? 1
I have 111 stars in super mario galexy how can i use the game save? 2
Is Rosalina a princess? 1
Is there a reward for getting all 242 stars without dying once? 8
Is this game long? 10
Is Yoshi in this game? 1
Just wondering? 1
Life Count???? 1
Luigi? 5
Mario and Luigi? 1
Saves?!!? 1
Should I buy this game? 2
SPEAKING instead of words on screen??? 6
Speedy Comet in Dreadnought Galaxy? 1
Super Mario Galaxy 2? 1
The 2 platforms (1 by library and 1 by starship)? 6
The Purple Comet Luma? 2
Theirs a book place and the girl reads u a book am just wondering is that little girl the woman? 1
Unreachable items....? 10
Were are all the hidden stars? 1
What are Comets? 1
What can Luigi do? 1
What can Star Bits/Coins be used for? 6
What is the best (fun) galaxy for you? 8
What is the Complete list of Galaxies in order from least amount of Stars to greatest amount? 1
What is the hidden star in Sea Slide Galaxy? 1
When do you get or how often do you get mail? 2
Where is the Grand Finale Star? 1
Why are there two Luigis? 1
Why wont luigi do any thing? 3
Would someone tell me if this game is worth Getting? 1

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