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Super Mario Galaxy is the true sequel to Mario 64, but is it as good?AmazoLK9/10
Thank you Mario, but our princess is in another GALAXY!Arkrex10/10
I honestly can't understand how anyone could enjoy this game.DarkChocobo474/10
And I think it's gonna be a long, long time....discoinferno8410/10
A fun experience everyone can enjoy, but as for living up to the Mario legacy…?NewMoonShadow7/10
Super Mario Galaxy isn't just one of the best platformers ever, but it's also possibly one of the best games ever.ping500010/10
While a good game, lazy and questionable design choices weigh it down940676/10
Not the best, not the most refined game, but makes a giant leap forward in creativityABXInferno10/10
Yet again, Mario takes platforming to a whole new level.Anclation10/10
Exactly what one would expect from a "Mario in Space" - pure awesomenessAngelo Heartilly10/10
It's a Mario game alright-in space! =)Angelwork9/10
Mario has reached outer space. How can Nintendo possibly go further?Archmonk Iga10/10
Welcome Back From Vacation Marioaweste9/10
Unarguably the greatest 3D Mario game yetBentendo2410/10
A must have if you own a Wii...bluehawk1029/10
Fun, pure and simplebluej3310/10
A Galaxy of brilliance - winner of cheesiest tagline ever...bradleyoXD10/10
A galaxy worth visitingbrutusmuktuk9/10
The defining game of the seventh generation, where does it rank all-time?comebackking110/10
Welcome to the Galaxy! (spoiler free)Crazyreyn10/10
I've never been more satisfied with a game.creepyguywithastick10/10
A worthy successor to the Mario legacydarkknight10910/10
Innovative gameplay, and easily one of the best games Nintendo has producedDave52110/10
You'd think a Mario game set in space would have a sense of discovery...Dustof_DryBones9/10
Mario is back and better than ever.ElefantRider10/10
Welcome to a new GalaxyFirestorm8510/10
Super Mario Galaxy is the greatest game in the universe... well one of them anyway.gamer_boy9978/10
Not only is Mario Galaxy the best looking, best sounding and longest Mario game, but it is also the most fun.ghangiskhan110/10
When I Look at the Stars...horror_spooky10/10
Simple, But So Much Moreimagine6069/10
‘Mario Galaxy’ is platform perfectionKimari10/10
Gaming in its greatest and purest formLegatoBluesommers9/10
Super Mario Galaxy is a platforming game of, literally, cosmic proportions; a true successor to Super Mario 64.majinboris10/10
The third 3D Mario platformer does much justice for the Wii.mf299/10
Poor controls and uninteresting areas ruin what could have been an excellent title.MisterMarioMan5/10
This game is everything Super Mario 64 wanted to be.nastynate31189/10
Destined to be remembered as one of the greatest platformers of all timenintendosega9/10
This adventure is so great it takes a whole universe to contain it!pikachupwnage10/10
Old and new collide... at a price.RageBot8/10
We get one of these games roughly every 5 years. Nintendo isn't about to disappoint.Raistlyn10/10
Not even outer space is safe from Goomba infestation!Reptobismol9/10
The Moment 3D Mario has been Leading ToRicho Rosai10/10
Super Mario Bros. 3 - REBORN!Robertp1710/10
Yay for jumping!ShadowGuardian910/10
A great mix of old and newShockeeperEZZ10/10
The Super Mario 64 sequel we've been waiting for... almost...SilverMelee7/10
Circumnavigating Giant Spheres: The GameSir_Enigma8/10
Mariooooo in SpaceeeeeSour10/10
It'sa Mario! In space, on the wii, and rocking it big time!Speeddemon3510/10
Out of This WorldSuperPhillip10/10
Probably the most genuinely fun game I've ever played.TheLostToaster10/10
Why can't more Wii games be like this?TheRedneck149/10
Mario soars through the galaxies, and into our hearts.TwilightRaver10/10
Super Mario Galaxy truly is out of this world.Upgraded-Form10/10
Mario at his bestWolfvie10/10
Very recently, in a galaxy not too far away...zeshin_reloaded9/10

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There’s a Starman waiting in the skychoobiator10/10
An all-around incredible gameEgHeadFool9/10
A step backward in the Mario series.Punk In Drublic 185/10
"From failing hands, we throw the torch, be yours to lift it high..." - SM64 to GalaxyThe Nine10/10
The most amazing game experience I've had in the last 10 years._Spin_Cycle_10/10
The Best Game On Wii By A MileAkhenatenReborn10/10
It only takes the Big-N to produce a good game to amaze the masses of fanboysBigCj348/10
An incredible game and a must-have Wii titleBlackDoomShadow9/10
Not quite perfect, but close enoughBoyLover X10/10
Mushroom 18 to tower, we have liftoff, maximum momentum attainted. Next stop, Comet Observatory!Cenedarprime9/10
It's good, but it could've been so much more if it had one thing!Connor427/10
Simply a Marvel, Super Mario Galaxy Retains the Old but Delivers the NewCStrife79/10
'How super is it really'Dan_est19959/10
Not Even Space Can Keep This Plumber Down!DarkECOJak10/10
Mario ReturnsEmperor Yackyouzah9/10
Can you say best game ever?ESB113810/10
A Game That Proves That Mario's Platforming Skills Are Still KingFratBoyNinja10/10
Super Mario Galaxy, A Revolutionary Game!Game_Reviewer9/10
Epic, Beautiful, Mesmerizing, These things never described a Mario game...until now...IcedEarthaholic10/10
Sorry, Mario, but your best game is on the Wii!jakethepit10/10
I feel eight again, and I enjoy every bit of it.jimbo the monkey10/10
Erm... welcome to the galaxy?Kamikaze_Kenny8/10
One of the be Mario games ever.kyledude9210710/10
Oh, the glorious memories.lopp39/10
Phenomenal doesn't even begin to describe this game..Midnarules10/10
A very strong game in its own right, as well as a good SMB 64 sequel.ND9k9/10
Greatest Mario and Wii game to date!papercup9/10
Eh. It's okay.Phediuk6/10
Super Mario Galaxy-as good as Super Mario 64? Check. Ultimate Platformer? Check. Fun? Check.PokeLoveGuy910/10
Mario, you need some new ideasradred20046/10
Out of this world funrenegadeoffunk79/10
To Goomba-finity, and beyond!ryan_pf9/10
Arguably one of the best games ever made!scarlet_puppy10/10
All Game Designers Must Take Note - It Pays To Innovate.so_hai10/10
Its-a me, a-Mario!thecheese10310/10
Mario Galaxy is an engaging game that is worth the purchase, but not the best Mario.TripleJump8/10
Super Mario Episode III: Galaxyultimatedorkboy9/10
Super Mario Galaxy - The Best Game Ever?viewtiful_joe9810/10
Mario leaves the Mushroom Kingdom and embarks on an adventure that's out of this worldwebsterboy6049/10
Mario has finally returnedwolverinefan8/10
Mario Galaxy is truly something specialzeldafreak123410/10
Surpasses ALL ExpectationsZGDK10/10

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One of Nintendo's Finestchibidono3210/10
Strangely disappointing, but still an enjoyable gameMarioFan3217/10
A fun but frustrating game.6xdandangp8/10
Deserves every bit of praise it gets.accessgranter10/10
Overrated and unoriginal but still somewhat enjoyableaIakazam98916/10
A wonderful game with tons of imagination and creativity.Asegbers9/10
Great game, get it if you're new to the wii.Baal5479/10
Mario Galaxy is one of the best games of this generationbarky138/10
Lost in SpaceBloodGod656/10
Mario Galaxy: The greatest game to ever grace existence.BowserCharizard10/10
Next Gen Platforming at its Bestbrian8842010/10
Fun, yet not what I thought it would be.chickenman777/10
Awesome game, flawless even...This game is perfect for the whole family!ChivesTheTomato9/10
Bowser chose the best place to hang out....SPACE!!!!coasterboy2110/10
Enter the Cosmos!Coleby10/10
A worthy sequel to SM64, yet I was left wanting more.CrazyFox6097/10
Super Mario Galaxy is not only an amazing game in its own right, but shows what Nintendo can really do.Cubular9/10
The Best Game Ever.DanLionheart10/10
The best one so farDarkMark4210/10
What's that thing shooting through the galaxy? It's Super Mario!!!DaZinga10/10
Definitely one of the best Mario games in history.dctheleet9/10
Whoo, Ah, Wah-hah!Flame06010/10
A small step for man, one pudgy plumber for mankind...fraggleRocKK10/10
Mario returns to the consoles with what could be game of the year.gamecritic11269/10
The best Mario since World, but not the best game this gennerationGamerJM9/10
Mario takes a trip to the starsgoldengoal710/10
Great Graphics. Great Gameplay. But is it really that fun?hypersonic20007/10
This is Mario at his finest. All Wii owners should have this game.J-man459/10
Super Mario Galaxy is a pure joy to play.jewikaforever10/10
Pure joy on a disc: Mario's latest adventure is out of this worldjustsumdude89910/10
An incredibly good game that's accessible to any and all.Kunlun9/10
Where no meatball has gone before.legalystupid8/10
Does not live up to the hype.LuigiGolf6/10
Super Mario Galaxy - Most overrated game of the year?MarioBros916/10
Super Mario Galaxy is Out Of This World!!!MarioIsMyIdol889/10
Out of this World never looked so good.MarioMan12710/10
How can the next Mario game be better than this?MBBDarigon10/10
Imagine Super Mario 64 way back in 1996 using Wii controls. Well, here you go!Megaman198110/10
One turns to the stars when it comes the the best Mario game of its kindmegarockexe9/10
The best game yet.Metroidfan1910/10
A Nice IdeaMoeal8/10
Mario Goes up Into Space! A Solid Mario gameMr_Despair8/10
A Truly Great Game...Musashi_1179/10
Soaring through the stars has never been so much funN6010/10
In space no one can hear you scream (with delight)nicktoonchamp9/10
Dunno...just didn't seem to impress me that much...nivekeryas6/10
Mario's Back to Save the Princess! This Time, in Space!NotSoFanboy9/10
Without a Doubt, the Best Wii Game Out So Far!Oblivion_Wind10/10
The Greatest Mario game out therepikmin125410/10
Space never looked so goodPoppyTheDwarf9/10
This game is amazingR351D3NT3V1L410/10
The Coolest Game ever!!!!!!RainbowstarRS10/10
A good game yet nothing specialRakothurz5/10
Mario is back and is out of this world!shadowfuryx109/10
Mario blasts off in another adventureSky_Luigi10/10
A near perfect game with one major flaw.Stewie12239/10
If the Wii was the Queen's crown, Galaxy would be the diamond at its heartSuperMan67810/10
Well, at least it's a step up from the crapfest that was Sunshine.TheGreatDebate8/10
One of the best games you'll find for the WiiThordain00119/10
Best Game on the Wii yet!!!tmnt899/10
Mario shoots for the stars!tobymacfreak9/10
A regular Damsel-in-Distress game? I think NOT !!!warlock13269/10
Reaching for the stars was never so fun!WiiMii19510/10
I've never been a Mario fan, but this game made me._BTT_9/10

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