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Iron Giant - medal 157 and 176 how to?

I do not understand how to "wake it a different way" nor how to change its state to get the item it speaks of for medal 156. Anyone figure this out?

glaspie1 provided additional details:

So for 176 I guess the problem was for me that I was spinning it once and I needed to spin it twice (flinging the wii remote down) to get the medal. However for my other medal question you answered the wrong one, I wanted to know how to do 157 not 156. Anyone know how to do 157?


KetsuekiBara answered:

156: Awaken the Iron Giant. Go to the Harvest Prairie (from Red Leaf Station) and lock onto the giant cog in the trash pile. Swing the Wii remote to waken the Iron Giant.

176: Turn an Iron Giant's cog downward. Go to the Harvest Prairie via Red Leaf Station, lock onto the cog, and spin in it downward.
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dragonrev answered:

157: The item the Iron Giant drops. That probably refers to the Train Set it drops. However, you have to fully charge it first before it'll drop. Ceorel lightning attacks and throwing objects will charge it very well as they damage the Giant. If you're lucky yourself, bringing down the Giant's visor as it uses its beam weapon (only used at full charge) will produce the same effect.
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